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King's Kids exist to help build a foundation of faith. We do this by providing the best educational experience possible, along with partnering with parents to achieve personal and family goals of raising up the next generation of Disciples.


Kids' Worship at 10:00 am
(Sunday Mornings)

Kids Worship is offered for grades preschool to 3rd grade. Once you've checked in your child(ren), you can bring them to their room beginning at 9:45 a.m. to do some opening activities.  Children will enjoy a time of music, hear the Bible story for the week, and see how that story applies to them. After the lesson, children will dive into the application of the story, which may include:
discussions, crafts, or games.

Pick up is right after service and we ask that you would pick up your child as soon as you can. if not picked up 10 minutes after service, a volunteer will escort your child to you. 

We highly encourage children who attend our Sunday program to also attend our Wednesday night community groups, where they will have the same lesson reinforced, but in a very different way through skits, alternate games, snacks, crafts and activities


Nursery at 10:00 am
(Sunday Mornings)

The Nursery is available for families with children 0-3 years. Children in this room get to enjoy a time of music and free play. We do offer coloring pages to those children 2-3 years old that line up with what children are learning in King's Kids Worship & Wednesday Nights!

Parents can check-in their child(ren) at our Kids Station and pick them up in their room right after the service.
Nursery opens at 9:45.



Community Groups
(September 12th-May 15th)

Wednesday Nights from 6:30-7:45 pm

Children come for time in their community group as outlined below:
- Preschool & Kindergarten
- 1st-3rd Grade
- 4th & 5th Grade

In each group, They will have a lesson that is filled with music, teaching and activities that is specific to their age.
Every week is an new lesson that we will introduce, teach, and apply.

As the week progresses, be aware of the weekly E-news on how you can help teach and apply the story at home.

We encourage families who bring their children to community groups, to participate with us on worship on Sundays.
Children preschool-3rd grade are eligible to participate in Kids Worship. be able to experience everything the Gospel Project has to offer. We also encourage parents to also join us for adult worship as it runs concurrent with Kids Worship.

Registration for all our King's Kids programs are now open! Sign up Below!
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