We believe marriage is a gift from God and healthy marriages are critical for healthy communities. We want to help people pursue healthy marriages, therefore, we are offering a couple different wedding services.  Our desire is that all couples would work towards this ideal state taught in God’s Word.

What is the first step we need to take? 

Fill out the form below and our Wedding Coordinator will contact you to set a time to visit the facility and have a thirty minute conversation with us.  Following the conversation if we determine it’s a good match, the date can be reserved on the calendar.

Why should we consider the marriage mentor option and what will happen during those meetings?

The mentor option allows you to spend time with a couple that has been through ups and downs together. It will allow you to learn from the experience of others that are continually working through issues. It also saves you $700.00!

The meetings will be times of laid back conversation over a meal, dessert, or coffee. The different topics discussed are:
•  Communication
•  Unique male and female needs
•  Commitment vs. feelings
•  Forgiveness
•  intimacy


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