Middle School Recap (Feb 8th)

Good morning everyone!

Our middle school group finished up our series "Winning Life" this week and we saved the best lesson for last. 

Last week we discussed a losing mentality and discovered that when we try to be the coach or in control of our lives we fall into sinful nature. We learned we need a new coach, a new game plan and when we do it brings winning results.

That is what this week was about. Starting off with our new coach - God. God is the best coach of all time and has a perfect record when it comes to keeping his promises. We are called to humble ourselves and surrender our lives to God. And when we do we get to partake in His game plan!

And the best thing about Gods game plan is that we can already profess victory in it. This is great because God has already done all the work and has chased after us rather than us trying to chase after him. Knowing our sin, and our wrong doings he sent his one and only son, Jesus Christ, into the world in order to be the propitiation of our sin! Ask your student if they remember what that means! It means he is the sacrifice through his blood in order that we may proclaim righteousness through Jesus Christ! 

This game plan is a winning result. It brings a purity and perfection into our lives. Something we could never have done on our own! And through Jesus, we get to proclaim victory! Our sin, our unrighteousness no longer has the last say or word in our lives because Jesus took our place on the cross! HE has conquered the grave and now we get to celebrate in that victory here and now as we wait for his second coming! 

This series got into the core of the gospel. The sinful nature, and the redemption through Jesus Christ. I would ask that you be pray for our students this week. Pray that this good news of Jesus would sink in and begin or continue to mold your student as they soak all of this in!

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Doyle Burnside