February 22 Recap/Update


Our schedule coming up gets a little messing in March.

Ash Wednesday March 1st - We will not be having youth group next week as KOG is having an ash Wednesday night service. The service begins at 7:00 Wed. night. 

March 4th - Saturday Nights Alive is almost here! We will be heading to Pipestone for this months SNA. Each student is asked to bring $3 for the meal. We will be leaving town around 3:45 and returning home close to 9:15 Saturday night. If your student would like to come this month please email me to registar. 

March 8th - Regular Wed. night activities begin again. Our 5th grade students are invited to join our middle school group at this time, and our 8th grade students are invited to join the high school group as well. This is up to you and your student. They can feel free to check it out for a week, decide to move up for the rest of the spring, or decide to simply wait for summer activities/next fall.

March 22 - There will be no regular Wed. Night activities this Wednesday. There will be a meeting hosted here at KOG for conversation on denomination/vision documents. We are in the process of finding something for our children/youth either that Wed. night or possibly planning a family event for that weekend. As we get more details I will let you know! 

Wednesday night recap. Last night our high school group joined the middle school students to share some of their wisdom regarding high school. The middle school group came up with a lot of great questions on school, balancing schedules and faith. If you would like the attachment of questions our middle school students asked please email me. This may be a great way for you to ask what they learned and to share some of you wisdom on the questions as well! 

As our students continue to grow in relationships with one another on Wednesday nights and learn truths from scripture about their lives, please be in prayer for each of our middle school students. We will be starting a new series titled "Change your Hashtag" as we search scripture on our identity in Christ. All of our students are hearing titles or labels for themselves throughout middle school. This series will take our focus on the titles and labels that God has for us!

Please let me know if you have any questions about our youth ministry at King of Glory please feel free to email me!

Doyle Burnside

Middle School Recap (Feb 8th)

Good morning everyone!

Our middle school group finished up our series "Winning Life" this week and we saved the best lesson for last. 

Last week we discussed a losing mentality and discovered that when we try to be the coach or in control of our lives we fall into sinful nature. We learned we need a new coach, a new game plan and when we do it brings winning results.

That is what this week was about. Starting off with our new coach - God. God is the best coach of all time and has a perfect record when it comes to keeping his promises. We are called to humble ourselves and surrender our lives to God. And when we do we get to partake in His game plan!

And the best thing about Gods game plan is that we can already profess victory in it. This is great because God has already done all the work and has chased after us rather than us trying to chase after him. Knowing our sin, and our wrong doings he sent his one and only son, Jesus Christ, into the world in order to be the propitiation of our sin! Ask your student if they remember what that means! It means he is the sacrifice through his blood in order that we may proclaim righteousness through Jesus Christ! 

This game plan is a winning result. It brings a purity and perfection into our lives. Something we could never have done on our own! And through Jesus, we get to proclaim victory! Our sin, our unrighteousness no longer has the last say or word in our lives because Jesus took our place on the cross! HE has conquered the grave and now we get to celebrate in that victory here and now as we wait for his second coming! 

This series got into the core of the gospel. The sinful nature, and the redemption through Jesus Christ. I would ask that you be pray for our students this week. Pray that this good news of Jesus would sink in and begin or continue to mold your student as they soak all of this in!

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Doyle Burnside

Middle School Youth Update 4/27/16

Good afternoon!

Hard to imagine there are only two weeks left of our middle school youth group for the year! It is also so fun to continue to see our middle school students reaching out and inviting their friends to join them on Wednesday nights. 

Mark your Calendars!
Pickerel Lake Bible Camp is going to be here before we know it! Our middle school camp – those who have completed 5th grade – 7th grade – is July 24th-29th. For those who have competed 8th grade, high school camp has come and it will be June 19th – 24th.  For more information on Pickerel please visit https://pllbc.wordpress.com/

This week in Middle school, we started a new two week series called PowerPlay. Power is a good thing. And in most cases, more power is a better thing. We want our phones to be powered up, our cars to be powerful, our laptops to be powered on, and our football teams made of power players. But those aren’t the only places that power is important to us. We all want to have power in relationships too. Maybe you’ve never thought about it that way but chances are you want people to listen to you, to pay attention to you or to care about what you think. 

That’s power. And whether you realize it or not, every relationship you have comes with some power or influence. Every interaction with another person is an opportunity to use your power, even if you feel like you don’t have any. During this series we’re talking about two people from the New Testament who looked at power differently than anyone else: Paul and Jesus. In their stories, we find that, no matter who is in control, there is always a power play we can make on behalf of others.

As we draw near to the end of this school year, please continue to pray for our middle school students. As we continue to talk about their worth and value on Wednesday nights and look at the life of Christ and His example, it is clear our students are hearing God’s truth. Pray they would continue to seek and understand the love God has for them! 

If there are any questions or if you would like more information on our middle school ministry or Pickerel Camp, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Doyle Burnside

Middle School Youth Update 4/20/16

Good morning!

What a blessing this year has been! It is hard to imagine that there are only three more weeks for Wednesday night youth group. With that said it is time to start thinking about middle school pickerel!

Middle School Pickerel – Summer camp will be held July 24th – 29th. It begins Sunday afternoon (we leave shortly after the second service on Sunday the 24th. This year’s theme is “Out of Darkness, into His Light”. For more information you can contact me or visit https://pllbc.wordpress.com/. This is an awesome week of camp fun, learning about God’s word, meeting other middle school students, and the food is even amazing!

The last few weeks our middle school students have been in a series “Wired”. We have been talking about Matthew 22:37-40. The two greatest commandments – to love God and to love people. As we continue to learn of God’s love for us we are also called to respond and reflect that love in our lives! We started off with looking at creation, seeing how God has wired us in His image. As Ephesians 2:10 states, we are God’s Workmanship, or Masterpiece. God has created us and we have a value and a purpose because of the one who has wired us – God! We then looked at how we are wired for community. How many of you have heard the phrase “we got our wired crossed”? How many of you have had your wires crossed (a mix up or miscommunication) with your kid(s). It happens a lot. Yet, we are still wired to live and be in community with one another. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God. But the second is much like it, to love one another as we love ourselves. God wants us to love others, even when loving others can be difficult. Our bottom line this week is that we can love God, by loving others.

As we come close to the end of our year, please continue to be praying for our middle school students. Pray that they would continue to learn and understand God’s love for them and how they can respond to that great love in their everyday lives!

If there are any questions or if you would like to know more about the final three weeks please feel free to contact me anytime!


Doyle Burnside

Middle School Youth Update 3/9/16

Good morning everyone!

What a beautiful week! The sun brings a new excitement on Wednesday nights! It feels like the energy is up a notch and our students are continuing to engage and build relationships on Wednesday nights. Last night we had a few new middle school students. It is so fun to see our students talking about and inviting their friends along with them.

Middle School Pickerel Recharge: For those that went to camp this past year, you may have received a post card about the retreat in May. For those students who did not attend camp, you are still invite to attend the Pickerel Retreat. To find our more information about the recharge please visit https://pllbc.wordpress.com/msrecharge/  If your student is interested in attending this retreat, please let me know as I decide on whether or not I will be attending.

This week we introduced our new series – Wired. God has created us and wired us to function in amazing ways. From how our bodies function to on a daily basis, heal itself, fights off harmful bacteria and on and on. And it is not just us as humans. Taking a look at the earth and how it has so many beautiful, powerful, and almost unexplainable ways in which the earth works. To say it easily, there are a lot of things that we cannot see or fully understand, but we know them to be real. We know them to be here. We cannot see the air we breathe but we trust that every time we go for a breath our lungs will be filled.

In a somewhat similar manner, the same is true about our God. We do not see God, however we do experience and see the power and work of what He has done. Through the beauty of creation – the mountains, seas, sunrise and sunset – we can see the work of God. Along with this, we also can experience God through others. The love, patience, forgiveness, kindness caring hearts of the people around us. God has wired us to have a connection with Him!

Along with this introduction, we went back to the gospel. Going through the Creation, Fall and Redemption through Jesus Christ! We are loved by our God and we see that love through the life and death of Jesus. We ARE LOVED by God!

As we now continue to talk about how we are wired by God, we can go forward reminded of the good news that the Word of God has for us! Please continue to pray for our students with this truth in mind – God loves them! He has given His life so that we too may live. With this truth in mind, we now can respond and live as witnesses for God.

If there are any questions or if you would like more information about the middle school ministry, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Doyle Burnside