Middle School Youth Update 3/9/16

Good morning everyone!

What a beautiful week! The sun brings a new excitement on Wednesday nights! It feels like the energy is up a notch and our students are continuing to engage and build relationships on Wednesday nights. Last night we had a few new middle school students. It is so fun to see our students talking about and inviting their friends along with them.

Middle School Pickerel Recharge: For those that went to camp this past year, you may have received a post card about the retreat in May. For those students who did not attend camp, you are still invite to attend the Pickerel Retreat. To find our more information about the recharge please visit https://pllbc.wordpress.com/msrecharge/  If your student is interested in attending this retreat, please let me know as I decide on whether or not I will be attending.

This week we introduced our new series – Wired. God has created us and wired us to function in amazing ways. From how our bodies function to on a daily basis, heal itself, fights off harmful bacteria and on and on. And it is not just us as humans. Taking a look at the earth and how it has so many beautiful, powerful, and almost unexplainable ways in which the earth works. To say it easily, there are a lot of things that we cannot see or fully understand, but we know them to be real. We know them to be here. We cannot see the air we breathe but we trust that every time we go for a breath our lungs will be filled.

In a somewhat similar manner, the same is true about our God. We do not see God, however we do experience and see the power and work of what He has done. Through the beauty of creation – the mountains, seas, sunrise and sunset – we can see the work of God. Along with this, we also can experience God through others. The love, patience, forgiveness, kindness caring hearts of the people around us. God has wired us to have a connection with Him!

Along with this introduction, we went back to the gospel. Going through the Creation, Fall and Redemption through Jesus Christ! We are loved by our God and we see that love through the life and death of Jesus. We ARE LOVED by God!

As we now continue to talk about how we are wired by God, we can go forward reminded of the good news that the Word of God has for us! Please continue to pray for our students with this truth in mind – God loves them! He has given His life so that we too may live. With this truth in mind, we now can respond and live as witnesses for God.

If there are any questions or if you would like more information about the middle school ministry, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Doyle Burnside