High School Youth Update 3/9/16

Good morning!

This week we had all of our high school students here for the first time in a while. It was fun to reconnect and come together as a whole group again! It was also perfect timing as we do have several big events coming up!

Fundraising is here. The hy-vee sales have been going well. Please continue to encourage people to buy their gift cards from church to help support our youth going to Jamaica! Along with this, Psalm Sunday is just around the corner! The high school youth are asked to be here from 7:30-1 as we prepare, serve, and clean up for the Pancake fundraiser! I am excited to see the outcome of the fundraiser as we can then have a good idea of where we will be for our goal!

April 15th will be here before we know it as well! We talked about some of the plans and way our murder mystery will go for our second fundraiser. We had some great ideas at staff to help get those going to Jamaica interacting with those coming to support them! We will be doing a run through of the murder mystery for the first time in the next few weeks so that the youth can experience the fun of the mystery together, and then prepare for the acting at the actual event!

This week we finished our Basic’s series by Francis Chan. The series ended with a teaching on prayer. Francis goes through some of these ideas – “Is it possible that our prayers go unanswered because we are praying out of a sense of obligation or maybe for the wrong things? Are our prayers supposed to be a list of things we want, or are they really intended to be an ongoing dialogue with God about the things He wants? Maybe if we align our prayers with God's mission, we would see God answer our prayers in supernatural ways that we could never imagine.” There is power in prayer because we are praying to the God of this universe! The Author, Creator, Lord, King wants to bless us! At the same time, we are reminded that scripture, prayer and the church is not about US. As we pray, would we pray as Jesus taught us – asking for God’s will to be done.

This series has challenged and strengthened my way of thinking about the Church. Now that we have finished, it is my prayer that our students would continue to grow in their desire to be a part of God’s Church for those around them. As Acts 2:42-47 describes the Church – people will notice and be pointed to Jesus when we as followers live out God’s desire for the Church!

We have a good, good Father who desires to see His children succeed!

Doyle Burnside