Middle School Youth Update 1/27/16


This week in middle school we summarized our previous series For the Win and introduced our next series – Real Talk. Our last series ended with a call to pray. Our next series picks up right here as we will be discussing and studying this idea of prayer. We will discuss what prayer is and give some examples of what prayer is not as we look at the power, meaning and call to prayer in our lives. We have a direct line to our Creator and King and this study is set up to make prayer a part of our life rather than an abstract thought that can often be filled with fear or uncertainty.  

Along with the introduction to our new series, our middle school group had a social night. These nights take place in between our different series. While some times we will take a trip out of KOG last night we stayed in and played a few games and had time to connect with the youth group as we went around and shared a few fun facts about one another. It is so fun to see the different personality connect and continue to grow in relationship with the other middle school youth!

Next week will be the first night of our new series Real talk. If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about our middle school group, please feel free to contact me any time!

Doyle Burnside