Recap 4/16/2015

Good morning!!

Upcoming events:

Our middle school lock-in will be April 24th - 25th and will also be starting at 9:00 p.m. and going until 7:00 a.m. Again, our fifth grade students are also invited to join us as they make the transition into middle school youth group!

If you would be interested in helping out as an adult leader throughout of the night please contact me through email or phone!

Student Ministries Mission Trip: May 31st (Sunday) - June 5th (Friday) and is for students who are going into 7th grade - graduating this year. This summer we are going to be doing something a little different by staying in Sioux Falls for our Mission Trip. I am really excited for this opportunity to serve our community of Sioux Falls in many ways. The main focus will be on a VBS outreach. This will be in partnership with King of Glory's VBS but will also have a focus on trying to reach out to a multi-cultural group through Kings Kloset, our multi-cultural partnership with Pastor Samuel's church, as well as some open invitations to different areas of Sioux Falls. Along with this focus, we will also be partnering with several other ministries in Sioux Falls during the mornings and afternoons to get a wide variety and idea of the mission work being done here in our own city! The cost for this trip is $150 per student which includes housing, food, a "fun" day, and any costs for items or donations we will be asked to give.

Pickerel Dates are out for this years summer camps. Senior high (entering into 9th grade - graduating 12th grade) is June 21st - June 27th. Junior high camp (entering 6th grade - entering 8th grade) July 26th - July 31st. For more information go to

Wednesday night Recap:
In middle school we had our second night of partnering with the IOM middle school students. Last night there were 5 students from the International Outreach Ministry and it has been so great to see our students welcome and bring them into the youth group! Last night we focused in on Colossians Chapter 2: 6-10. The main point we discussed was about having our roots and foundation in Christ. Everyday we face and see struggles and temptation. When we are rooted in Christ and spending time in relationship with him, our foundation holds much stronger. I used a visual example with an unopened can of soda, and a empty can. When we try to crush the full can, it is very difficult (no one was able to with just their hands). However, when we try to crush the empty can, it crumbles very easily. This can be so true about us in regards to the pressures and temptations we face. When we surround ourselves with a strong community and spend time in relationship with Christ, we are much like the full can. It is not impossible to crush but stands a lot stronger!

In high school youth group, we took our lock-in topic and began to dive deeper into what a new life in Christ looks like. We read through Romans 15:1-7 and focused on the example that Christ has laid before when we talk about our interactions with those around us. Our new life in Christ calls us to be set apart from the world. As we enter into this new life, we begin to shift the focus from ourselves and our own pleasures to others and the building up of our neighbors. Finishing with verse 7 - "Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God" (ESV). Along with this, I also invited a few high school students that I met through TEC last month to get some insight on how we as a high school group welcome new faces into the group. Talking through how everyone reacted to seeing new faces at the end of youth group we learned two things. One, in the first 5-10 minutes in transition from middle school to high school, the group as a whole tends to almost avoid. However, once we get rolling into the opening and lesson, we got to see how welcoming our students can be!! It was fun seeing how we were able to build one another up in the strengths of our youth group while learning and talking about a few things we can improve on as we continue to grow in our new life with Christ! 

As we get closer to the end of the school year, please continue to pray for the youth ministry at King of Glory. Pray for the students as they continue to challenge and grow alongside one another in their faith. Pray for the volunteers who help with the ministry. Pray they would continue to be a positive influence for the youth! And pray for one another as you journey together in parenthood.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Doyle Burnside