Recap 3/11/2015


Up-coming events:

In April we are breaking in the new church building with two lock-ins!! The theme for both lock-ins will be renewal/new life as we move into the spring! Also, this is a great event to have students invite their friends too!

The first will be for the high school students (along with our 8th grade students as they can begin the transition into high school). It will be held April 10th - 11th starting at 9:00 p.m. and going until 7:00 a.m.

Our middle school lock-in will be April 24th - 25th and will also be starting at 9:00 p.m. and going until 7:00 a.m. Again, our fifth grade students are also invited to join us as they make the transition into middle school youth group!

Student Ministries Mission Trip: May 31st (Sunday) - June 5th (Friday). This summer we are going to be doing something a little different by staying in Sioux Falls for our Mission Trip. I am really excited for this opportunity to serve our community of Sioux Falls in many ways. The main focus will be on a VBS outreach. This will be in partnership with King of Glory's VBS but will also have a focus on trying to reach out to a multi-cultural group through Kings Kloset, our multi-cultural partnership with Pastor Samuel's church, as well as some open invitations to different areas of Sioux Falls. Along with this focus, we will also be partnering with several other ministries in Sioux Falls during the mornings and afternoons to get a wide variety and idea of the mission work being done here in our own city!

Pickerel Dates are out for this years summer camps. Senior high (entering into 9th grade - graduating 12th grade) is June 21st - June 27th. Junior high camp (entering 6th grade - entering 8th grade) July 26th - July 31st. For more information go to

Wednesday night Recap:
Middle School/4th-5th graders: This last week we took a look into the miracles of Jesus in the book of Mark. I had challenged the students to read through and find their favorite miracle during the week so that they could share with us a group. It was really fun seeing the excitement and willingness to share what they had found on Wednesday night. One of the students ended up not picking one, but all of the miracles.  It was fun to see the excitement and goes to show the works and power of Jesus are truly amazing. We then focused in on one specific miracle - Jesus walking on water. Moving out of Mark and focusing on the moment when Jesus called Peter out of the boat and to walk on water with him. Through this passage we truly dove into what it means to take a step of faith - doing something that we could not do on our own. In the midst of these steps of faith we get distracted or afraid fairly easily, yet, we see the example of Peter turning back to Jesus. Fixing our eyes upon the one who gives us the strength and ability to carry out the act!!

In High School youth, we took a break from the disciplines and talked about a word most of us get a little uncomfortable with: CHANGE. As we look at the disciplines and call of Jesus to go, we also look at a change in our lives and in the youth group as well. My question to the youth was; are we willing to change as a group? What do we want our focus to be heading into the summer? Are we willing to study and practice these disciplines/calls from Jesus together! If we are, there will more than likely be a change in the youth group as we continue to grow in our faith and journey together.

As we go through this time of Lent, please continue to be praying for our student at King of Glory. For the 4th-8th grade students as they begin to interact in a new setting. Pray that the older students would lead in this group by example and that the new students would feel comfortable and excited about the opportunity to gather with some of the older students at our church. Pray for the high school group as we begin to focus on the Spiritual Disciplines. That they would not only get a better understanding and grasp, but that they would also have the strength to begin or continue to practice them in their own lives. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to work and form these students into faithful followers, guiding them to the life of Jesus. And pray for one another as you are all on this journey together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text or call me!

Doyle Burnside