Recap 2/11/2015


A quick reminder for next Wednesday night: we will not be having middle school youth group next week as it is Ash Wednesday. High school group will continue as normal with one change. We will be meeting until 9:00 p.m. instead of 8:45 on Wednesdays. This will hopefully allow us to have a longer, fuller discussion time instead of rushing for the small group portion to be wrapped up quickly as it so often happens.

Upcoming Events:
Youth Serve Wednesday - February 18th we are serving at the Saint Francis House as a youth group. Last week I mentioned that we would be having two groups serve. However, after talking with both high school and middle school I do not think we have enough to do two shifts. Instead, the high school group will be serving for the full two hours instead of trying to fill two full groups. We will meet at the church at 5:15 to head over and serve alongside the Saint Francis House. If there are any questions please feel free to get a hold of me!

Middle School youth group will look a little different than normal during the Wednesday night services (Feb 25 - March 25) as the 4th and 5th grade students will be joining us for a 5 week series. Along with that, the 5th grade students will then be invited to continue to meet with the middle school group throughout the rest of the year (they may also choose to stay with the King's Kid's if they and their parents decide). This will be a great opportunity for the 5th grade students to begin their transition into the summer and middle school years!

Youth Worship Night - February 21st 7:00p.m - 8:30 p.m. This is another Saturday worship night for the youth to come together. Whether your youth is interested in learning some basics on the guitar, bass guitar, piano, or maybe even drums, or simply wants to come and be a part of the fellowship through singing or listening. This is really a great time to continue to build upon the relationships and community already in place within the youth at King of Glory. We will be meeting at the church for the first time this month!

Go for the Gold Family Event! Join us on Friday, February 27, from 6:00-8:00pm for an evening of Olympic themed food, t-shirt art, and games.  We will also take a look at 1 Corinthians 9:24 and learn how we are to run the race of faith!  This event is for the entire family!  To Register for this event, sign up on the KOG website or through the connection cards on Sudnday and indicate each family member's t-shirt size. 

Student Ministries Mission Trip: Coming up this summer we are going to be doing something a little different by staying in Sioux Falls for our Mission Trip. I am really excited for this opportunity to serve our community of Sioux Falls in many ways. The main focus will be on a VBS outreach. This will be in partnership with King of Glory's VBS but will also have a focus on trying to reach out to a multi-cultural group through Kings Kloset, our multi-cultural partnership with Pastor Samuel's church, as well as some open invitations to different areas of Sioux Falls. Along with this focus, we will also be partnering with several other ministries in Sioux Falls during the mornings and afternoons to get a wide variety and idea of the mission work being done here in our own city.

Pickerel Dates are out for this coming summer camps. Senior high (entering into 9th grade - graduating 12th grade) is June 21st - June 27th. Junior high camp (entering 6th grade - entering 8th grade) July 26th - July 31st. For more information go to

Wednesday night Recap:
In middle school we continued to look at some more uncommon stories of the Old Testament. This week we read through Judges 3, and looked into the story of Ehud. The Israelites had a common theme of turning away from God throughout the Old Testament. This story takes place in one of those times. The Israelites found themselves under the reign of Eglon (who scripture describes as a very fat king). Through this story the people of God finally turn back to the Lord and ask for deliverance from King Eglon. God responds by sending Ehud (a left handed man) to go and kill the King and take over the land. They were successful in overthrowing their oppressors and lived peacefully for 80 years! What a story! But also, what a reflection in how God works in our lives as well. As the Israelites turned to God, we too can turn to our Lord and He will deliver us from our bondage to sin. We are called to repent of the sin or disobedience in our lives. While this Old Testament story is a lot more physical, it can look a lot like the Spiritual warfare that we are going through here and now today. The challenge or encouragement for the middle school student was to shine a light upon their sin or disobedience by sharing with you their parents or someone they trust and ask for the freedom that is given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

High School: I wanted to make sure that we discussed and talked about everything from our study on dating and sex and allowed time for student to ask and follow up questions. This is such an important topic, but also a subject that your students face almost every day! After allowing time for any follow up questions, we discussed what was next for the high school group. We are going to be diving into our faith and look into some Spiritual disciplines of Christianity; prayer, reading scripture, fasting, service, solitude, worship, Sabbath. Through this study, we will try to get a better grasp on what each of these disciplines look like but also to encourage and challenge students to begin practicing these in their own life. Ultimately, looking back at the gospel. The only reason we practice and act in these disciplines is because Jesus Christ has come and given us hope, a new life, through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We will continue to go back and reflect on this truth and hope.

Please continue to be praying for this youth ministry. For the students as they face this battle between flesh and spirit. Pray for one another as parents as you walk together in parenthood. And please pray for those who volunteer and help with the youth ministry as we try to be a light and example for your students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text or call me!

Doyle Burnside