Recap 9/30/2015


Wednesday night recap - High School
We have started this year diving into 1st Peter. There have been two main themes that we have talked about so far. First, we have talked about where our Hope comes from - through Jesus Christ. Because of this we can begin thinking about eternity with our God - things that do no perish - rather than on things that come and go here and now. This eternal focus bring us to an act of holiness, or act of being set apart. We are called to think differently because of our hope in Christ Jesus our Lord! 
The second theme so far this year has been on doing "good". Obeying our Heavenly Father. We broke this main focus into three reasons that can help us desire to obey. First, we obey because it brings blessings into our life. We act good because our Heavenly Father will reward us for those actions. Second, we are called to obey out of response to God's goodness or love shown to us. Being reminded of eternal hope we are called to action as a result of what God has done!! And finally, we obey because our actions affect how others react. We respond in obedience to God, because our thoughts are no longer on ourselves, but on how we can influence and be a light for others. 
As we continue on in 1st Peter, we will continue to be reminded that our response, our actions, are set up as a response to our Hope. Our focus will be challenged to switch from ourselves to others as a result of what God has done for us. 

Middle School Recap - 
This week we spent some time getting to know our new students as we had 4. It was fun seeing how our students welcomed everyone in and took the time to learn more about each other. I then went through a visual/memory routine to introduce the next study we will do called Flipped. As we go through this is what we have - a rock, a house, a train, people, phones next to some people on train, a book, a trophy, a pizza (or their favorite food), and a cross. Each represents these in order - our life, where we live, the path of our life, people we have encountered, people we know well, our studies/school, our accomplishments, activities, our hobbies favorite things, and finally our Savior. In this memory routine, everything is connected together all the way to the cross which is put right in the center of the pizza. Representing that our Lord and Savior wants to be in the center of our lives - every aspect! 

I now ask that you would be praying for our high school students. Pray for God's peace, comfort and safety to be present as a result of yesterdays scare at Harrisburg. Pray for the transition back to school after a shooting took place. Pray for each of our students as they continue to grow in their depth of knowledge, understanding and love for God. Please also pray for one another as you go through parenthood together! 

If there are any questions, or if you would like to know more about what is going on Wednesday nights, please feel free to contact me by email or phone!


Doyle Burnside