Recap 1/14/2015


It was so good to get back into the swing of Wednesday nights. I am seriously surprised at how well the students were able to remember the recap of the fall semester. The middle school students remembered pretty much every large topic that we went through last fall

Youth Retreat is this next weekend already! It feels really quick since we did not have the first Wednesday this year. I am really excited for this retreat as we will be focusing on moving forward in our Faith. We will dive into the value we have in the eyes of God and the desire and love that God has for each of us. We will be leaving on Friday the 23rd at 7:00 pm and will be returning home Saturday night (around 10:30pm). If you know your student has not signed up but is planning or wanting to go, or bringing a friend, please let me know by Monday morning as I will be calling Swan Lake to confirm our numbers. The total cost will be $40 dollars per person which includes Friday's stay, and all meals and activities on Saturday.

Recap of Wednesday Night:
In Middle School, we continued our series on Prayer. The focus point was on Matthew 6:5-15. Jesus set an example on the importance of Prayer throughout His life and in these verses he gives us an example on how to pray. This week we focused primarily on verses 5-8 and the importance of our heart and attitude while praying. Prayer is so much more than just words and action. It is a chance to talk and have a relationship with our God, our Creator. He already know our thoughts and our needs, but through prayer we can praise Him, worship Him, give thanks for the things he has done, ask things of him, confess to Him, have a relationship with God.

In High School we focused in on Job and an important lesson that I believe we can learn from this Old Testament book. Some of the things that take place in Job are extremely difficult to understand and some are pretty difficult to accept. What a heart breaking story of a man who went from being truly blessed with wealth and family only to have it taken away. Through his hurt and frustration, Job (and we as we read) feel like there should be an explanation from God as to why these things happen. However, when the Lord finally speaks we get a response much different from our own (Job 38-42). God responds by saying He is God. He is the creator, the author, and the master; and he lets Job know that he is the created and the servant. A response that can make the book of Job difficult to read. However I believe there is a lesson and a point that we can take from the dialect that goes back and forth between Job and the Lord. We see that this world does not revolve around me, around us. Instead, this world and the things in it revolve around God. And while we may not understand, we know that God's thoughts are not our thoughts, and God's ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). We don't always know or understand. However, we do know that God is God, and this life is all about Him.
I wanted this message to be firm before starting our next series. Over the next two or three weeks we will be diving into relationships and this thing called sex. I want us to remember as we look at God's Word, and His way that this is not about us and our desires or our thoughts. It is all for the Creator and the ways in which He has called us to live.

If there are any questions please feel free to email, text or call.