9.3.14 Recap

Last night was the kick off of our fall programming for King of Glory's youth. Last night was a night to get to know one another a little better. For the most part, the middle and high school students know each other well but there were a few new faces to each group as our 6th grade and freshman students started this year in a new group. We started both middle and high school with a ice breaker/get to know you game with skittles and enjoyed sharing stories, hobbies, favorites, and fun facts about one another. From there we discussed what to expect for the rest of this semester as we begin to dig into the word of God and continue to grow together at King of Glory.

Coming up in middle school foundations, we will be going through the story of the bible. Starting with Creation next week then continuing to the fall, redemption and finally what redemption means for our life. Each night we will start with a ice breaker or game to get students moving and growing in relationships with one another.

Coming up in high school we will be beginning the year talking about service within the church and why we should be involved in service opportunities. The reason behind this is that one Wednesday every month we will be finding service projects for the high school students to take ownership of. These service projects will be a mix between serving one another, King of Glory and the community of Sioux Falls. The other three Wednesday nights of the month we will be digging into the word and finding applications of the truth into everyday life of a high school student. The first service Wednesday will either be the last Wednesday of September or the first Wednesday of October.

The last thing to keep in mind is the youth ministry team. We will be finalizing the team by the end of the weekend and will be working on a time to start this years youth ministries team to get started!

Finally, if there are any questions about the youth ministry this year/month please feel free to contact me either through email or by phone.

Doyle Burnside