Recap 09.17.2014

Good afternoon everyone!

Upcoming events:

King of Glory farm festival! We will be having a night to come together as King of Glory. Then from 7 to 8 the middle school and high school students are invited to stay for some community time and night games!

Recap of last night:

Middle School - We continued in the story of the bible with part two - The Fall. This week we read through Genesis 3 and began to look into what went wrong with creation. We see that sin enters the world and instantly things change. Man and woman eyes are opened and they notice something is wrong. Then the downfall continued as man and woman tried to pass the blame from themselves to someone else. And then we finally see the consequences from this sin. We see how life for man and woman are changed and there is now pain and toil with everyday life. We then took this story and looked at how it affects our life. Realizing that we are a part of this problem, we have sinned (Romans 3:23). Finishing with Romans 6:23. We see that sin leads to death. However, we also get a glimpse of next weeks lesson at the end of 6:23; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So we see that there is hope for us and the fall is not the end of the story!

High School: We started a four week serious on the topic of Surrendering. This is a series lead by Francis Chan who begins the series talking about surrendering the material things to God. The series is posted on his Teach it, Preach it website and each week includes a 20 minute video where students share some of their struggles with us as well as Francis brining a lesson between the testimonies being shared. At the end of the lessons I will be providing a challenge for the students to take if they would like. This weeks challenge comes from Mark 10. There is a story about a young rich man who is wondering what it takes to enter the kingdom Jesus finishes by saying the one thing that is lacking is that the man is holding on too tightly to his possessions. If he would sell his things and gives to the poor, then he is called to come follow Jesus. The challenge for this week for the high school students is to spend 5-10 minutes a day asking God what we could loosen our grip on. Trying to begin the process of understanding what it is we need to surrender to God.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know!

Doyle Burnside