9.10.14 update

Good afternoon!

An upcoming event:

On October 19th we will be have a Fall Festival out at the Tornberg's farm. Starting at 4:30 and going until 7. Along with that, the middle school and high school youth will be invited to stay until 8 as we will be playing a few night games as student ministries.

Recap of last nights youth programming.

In middle school foundations we went through the first part of the story of the Bible; Creation. The creation story in Genesis is one of the great stories the scripture brings. First, we get insight on the power, love, creativity and majesty of our Creator, our God. Second, we get to understand that God created this world to be good. His purpose and will of this world was good (this is important to highlight as the second part of the story reveals why there is brokenness in the world around us now).

Along with this, it is also awesome to see how the creation story impacts our lives here and now. First, seeing how God created man (humans) different than the rest of creation brings importance and purpose to our lives. God created us in His image. Not necessarily meaning his physical appearance, but for sure in His characteristics. We are created to be loving, passionate, kind, creative people who were given dominion over the all other creation. Secondly, we see the one thing that was not good in creation; man to be alone. We see the truth that God created us to live and be in community!

In High school, we started off the year diving into serving God. Points of discussion based on why serve God, what ways we serve God, what our attitudes should look like as well as the rewards that come along with it. Using a variety of scripture to bring forth the different ways of service, we continued to draw back to John 13: 13-15 and Mt. 20:28. Through our call to be Christians, followers of Christ, we see the call to follow Jesus' example through these verse. Why do we serve our God? Because when God came down as man he did not come to be served, but to serve. He set the example of a servant heart through His actions.

Pastor Rich hit this same topic last Sunday when he spoke about where our Joy is. Our joy is in what Christ Jesus has done for us, not something we must do to achieve joy.  So we serve because Christ served. We serve because of the Joy that has been given to us. And we serve because our Joy is already complete through Jesus Christ.

I want to send as well a thanks to Abby Burnside and Lindsey Brua, who have been coming on Wednesday nights, building relationships, supporting, and showing Christ's love on Wednesday nights for the youth at King of Glory!

If you have any questions or need anything, please let me know!

Doyle Burnside