Hello Parents,

Resignation Information:

As you have seen from my previous email and have probably heard from your students, I have given the Executive Committee my letter or resignation effective May 8th. This has not been an easy decision for Kaitlin and I to make, but feel is the healthiest decision for us and for King of Glory. Later you will find an open letter to the congregation that will hopefully give you more information about how this decision has come to pass. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

**Event Update**

Due to low attendance we are changing the events of the Spring Retreat. 

8pm-11:30pm at Sycamore Center

Events of the night will remain very similar just condensed and not over night. WE WILL STILL BE PACKING FOOD AT KIDS AGAINST HUNGER SATURDAY MORNING 10-11:30am

Colorado Back Packing Trip:

I am currently looking for qualified people to lead the trip so that Students could still have this experience even though I will not be participating. As soon as I have information on this I will let you know. 


Middle School Foundations

Theme: Jesus's First Miracle

Scripture: John 2:1-11

Its true Jesus loved a good party. We see it throughout all of the gospels. But he participated in these parties in ways that were glorifying to God. Jesus and His mother were at one of these parties; at a wedding feast. The feast was running out of refreshments and an truly embarrassing situation was about to arise. Mary the mother of Jesus, came to Jesus with this problem. Jesus's response to Mary here is a little interesting. Jesus responds "Woman, what does this have to do with me?" At this very moment Mary and Jesus relationship changes. No longer are Jesus and Mary just mother and son, they are now sinner (Mary) and Lord (Jesus). As we know, Jesus then goes and changes water into wine. This miracle signifies the start of Jesus's public ministry and shows Jesus's authority as God. 

But why didn't everyone believe Jesus as God when they saw this miracle? There are many reasons, but for many of us it is because we want control and we don't want to give it up. Mary and Jesus's relationship changed to sinner and Lord, at this exact moment control changed as well. God has the ability to solve everyone of our problems, but we continually compete with God's authority by trying to control everything. What if we went to God with our needs and not our solutions? What would that do to our prayer life? God is God and He deserves all of us.

Discussion topics/Questions

  • Why do you go to an expert in something when you have a question about a specific matter?
  • Do you normally go to God in prayer with your needs or with your solutions?
  • In what ways do you need to give control over to God?
  • Do you see yourself in a sinner and Lord relationship with Jesus?

High School Dig

Theme: Daniel - Living for God in Culture

Scripture: Daniel 1:1-20

Daniel was from the tribe of Judah and they obeyed God sometimes, but they mostly did not. God was slow in bringing His righteous judgment on Judah, but finally it did come. God's judgment came through the Babylonians and King Nebuchadnezzar.The Babylonians conquered Judah and as a way to truly conquer a society they would take the best and the brightest young people, strip them of all of their culture, religion, names, clothes, culture, and food. Then they would train and educate them so that they would be come the best and brightest Babylonians. But Daniel and his friends constantly remembered that their new location was not their home and even though they were in a different place their actions would reflect their home. 1 Peter 1:7 "And if you call on him as Father who judges impartially according to each one's deeds, conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile," We too are not where our home is. As Christians our home is heaven and our actions must reflect that. But Daniel and his friends were pressed and pressured to do things in which they felt were against God's will. So they made a decision and deceleration to live for God. But this meant that they had to say no. Daniel shows us that we can say no but there will always be an opportunity to say no kindly and creatively. But even though Daniel shows us how to say no he also shows us how to say yes. So many times as Christians we can avoid the people around us and separate ourselves from others. But we are called to live in the world not outside of it. So Daniel won the respect of culture by being the best in his studies, but Daniel didn't do this for his glory. Daniel achieved all that he achieved so that God would be glorified and that God would be shown as mighty and amazing. We too are called to live among the world. But this place is not our home. We are to live like our citizenship is in heaven, which frees us to work completely for God right here, right now.  

Questions/Discussion Topics

  • Who are your friends who stand with you when others expect you to do something outside of God's will?
  • Can Christians have differing opinions on right and wrong? Why or why not?
  • How can we remind ourselves that our home is with Jesus?

Grace and Peace,