3.26.14 Recap

Hello Parents,

Upcoming Events

  • Night of Testimonies - The 9th Grade Students who went through the Confirmation classes this year will be sharing what God has done and is doing in their lives. Saturday April 12 7pm @ The Sycamore Center
  • Spring Retreat: Tolerantly Intolerant; Speaking the Truth in Love 7pm April 25th - 11:30 am April 26th @ The Sycamore Center. The weekend will conclude with serving at Kids Against Hunger. We want you adults to come serve along side of your students and build relationships with the other students. There will be 20 spots available for adults and because Kid's Against Hunger does the bulk of their fundraising through these events it will cost $20/adult. 
  • High School Colorado Back Packing Trip July 17-24
  • http://www.kingofglorysf.org/news/colorado
  • Pickerel Lake Bible Camp
  • Middle School Camp -  7/27-8/1
    High School Camp  6/22 - 6/27
    $75 for the week and optional Camp T-Shirt for an extra $10
    Attached is Registration Form for BOTH MS & HS Camps


Middle School Foundations

Theme: God uses circumstances to guide the direction of our lives

Scripture: Matthew 2:13-23

King Herod wanted the baby Jesus dead. Herod wanted to take out every single form of competition and he was willing to go to any length to do so, even if it meant killing every male from 0-2 years old. There are times in our lives when we have had to move but it is extremely unlike we had to move because someone was trying to kill us. This was the crazy life Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were living, and so Joseph packed up his family and moved to Egypt. What humbling experiences Mary and Joseph had to experience! Giving birth in a barn, being chanced out of their home and country, being forced to hide. Yet in each one of these experiences God was with them and guided the direction of their lives. 

Discussion Topics/Questions

  1. You forget to do your homework, and your friend says you can copy theirs. What do you do? How could God use this situation to mold you into the person He wants you to be?
  2. Your favorite TV show is about to be on and you are pulling in to the driveway with 1 minute to spare. As you pull up your elderly neighbor is struggling to shovel their driveway. How could God use this situation to mold you into the person he wants you to be?
  3. One of your parents jobs gets transferred to a different city and your family has to move. No one is happy about it especially you. How could God use this situation to mold you into the person he wants you to be?

High School Dig

Theme: Why Not Now?: Resist Harder 

Scripture: Genesis 39:2-20

Temptation is something we all face and temptation becomes even greater when we feel betrayed, mistreated, or hurt. These had to have been the feelings that Joseph was feeling when his brothers sold him into slavery and brought his blood soaked cloak back to their father lying about Joseph's death. It would have been so easy for Joseph to curse God and give up on life, but Joseph doesn't do this. Joseph resists temptation harder. Joseph serves with everything he has immediately. It says that Joseph serves so well that he is given control over his master's entire household and that it was clearly seen that God was with him. When we serve with everything our focus is on the serving. We don't have time to focus on temptations our focus is consumed by our serving. We also find out later Joseph is an attractive dude. Not only physically but obviously his personality is attractive too or else he wouldn't have total charge over everything his master owned. Unfortunately his master's wife also takes notice of Joseph's attractiveness and commands him to sleep with her. (And who said the Bible was boring). This is real temptation. Even if Joseph wasn't attracted to his master's wife, she is still technically his boss and if he doesn't obey her he could loose everything he has worked for. What does Joseph do? Joseph takes a moment and thinks about how the sin will hurt himself and the people around him. So Joseph says NO and continues to say no. When it comes to temptation we have to close the door on the situation. We can't try to downplay it, ignore it, or laugh it off. We got to say no and close the door on it. When Joseph's master's wife doesn't let up, Joseph runs away even if it meant leaving his clothes behind. When temptation comes and we have said no to it we got a get away from it. Joseph doesn't say well you tried to physically pull me into your bed which isn't cool, but we can talk about this. No, he gets away as fast as he can even if it meant running away naked. Even though Joseph does the right thing he still gets thrown in prison. Doing the right thing will cost us, but this cost for many isn't a deterrent for doing what is right its an encouragement to do so. When something costs us it gives it meaning, we have skin in the game. I don't know about you but I want to do something meaningful. Know the cost of doing right. Finally and most importantly Joseph knew that God was with him always. When Joseph was a slave God was with him, when he was in prison God was with him. Jesus also promises us that he is with us. Matthew 28:20 is the end of the "Great Commission" and Jesus says that he will always be with his disciples even till the end of the age. How amazing is it to know that our Savior, Creator, God is with us right now and always. 

Discussion topics/questions

  • Where are you at on these 6 techniques that Joseph uses to fight temptation? Is there any you haven't ever thought about before?
  • When was a time doing the right thing costed you? 

As always we want to be in prayer for you. Let us know how we can be praying for you.

Grace and Peace,