3.19.14 Recap

Hello Parents,

Upcoming events:

Spring Retreat  April 25-26. 6th-12th Grade Students. 

  • as you can see the date is underlined and bold because it has changed. The reason for the date change is because I heard your input from Student Ministry Survey that you wanted more service opportunities and for your students to have more contact with adults from KoG. So along with the Spring Retreat students and hopefully YOU will join us Saturday the 26th from 10 - 11:30am to pack food and serve with Kids Against Hunger along side of your student and other students! More information in the Today's KoG eUpdate. 

High School Colorado Back Packing Trip July 17-24


Pickerel Lake Bible Camp

Middle School Camp -  7/27-8/1

High School Camp  6/22 - 6/27

$75 for the week and optional Camp T-Shirt for an extra $10

Attached is Registration Form for BOTH MS & HS Camps


Middle School Foundations

Theme: Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Verse; The book of Jonah and Hebrews 13:8

In the upcoming weeks, the Middle School Students will be going through a series called Epic. Epic is about the epic things that happens in the New Testament. Because we will be focusing and have focused on the New Testament I wanted to have the students look back into one of my favorite books of the Bible; Jonah. Jonah is so amazing because it reveals the truth that we see in Hebrews 13:8 that God, Jesus the Christ, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The strange thing about the book of Jonah is that even though it is an amazing story, Jonah is not the subject of the book. God is the subject and even though Jonah continually runs away from and disobeys God, God continually opens a pathway for forgiveness and reconciliation. The same is true for Ninevites. The people of Nineveh attacked, killed, and brutalized the Israelites. They, like Jonah, were in continual sin and yet God created a way for them to come into His forgiveness and Grace.  And what saved the Ninevites? Was it their actions? NO. It was they believed God and because of their belief their actions changed. So the people listened to Jonah and Jonah was happy and God was happy and everyone was happy right? Nope. Jonah was angry with God for showing mercy to the Ninevites. The Ninevites brutally killed his people and Jonah was still hurt by their actions so Jonah prayed to God that he would die because of how depressed he was.  And God responds by saying Jonah I saved you when you rebelled and you are no different then the Ninevites. God's actions are the same today. We rebel, sin, and separate ourselves from God. But God continues to create a pathway to Himself. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Questions/ Discussion Topics

  • When was a time when the full weight of God's grace hit you?
  • Why would Jonah praise God when he was still in the big fish and had no idea if he was ever going to get out?
  • Would you be happy if someone who hurt you experienced the same grace and forgiveness you have received through Jesus? Why or why not?


High School Dig

Theme: Risk Bigger - Miriam

Verses: Exodus 1&2, Galatians 3:26, and Hebrews 12:1-2

We are starting a new series called Why Not Now? This series is here to encourage your High School students in that they don't have to wait till they are older, married, or bald to start following Jesus. Why Not Now? In this series we will be talking about people throughout the Bible who were THEIR age when they were living for Jesus in big ways.

Teenagers are going to take risks. It's simply in their nature and its absolutely essential to their success. Without risks they wouldn't go off to school, meet new people, try new experiences so they know what field of work they want to go into, or strike out away from home. Taking risks is a good thing when done for the right things. A lot of times we classify a "good" Christian by the things that they don't do. But being a follower of Christ is not about where we don't go, but where we DO go. And being a follower of Christ is not safe, it's risky.

This week we talked about Miriam. Miriam lived in a dangerous time. Her people, the Israelites, were slaves and had been for hundreds of years to the Egyptians. However, the Egyptians were extremely afraid of the Israelites because of the number and their strength. They were so afraid that Pharaoh decreed that all male Isrealite babies must be killed after birth. This affected Miriam because her mom was pregnant and if she were to have a boy it would be killed. So Miriam's mom kept her pregnancy a secret and gave birth to a son. They kept this boy hidden and raised him for three months. When they could no longer keep the boy hidden they made a waterproof thatched basket and left the baby in the reeds of the Nile. Miriam knew what family she belonged to, and be cause of this she knew it was her responsibility to look after her brother and care for her parents. So she stayed within eye site with her brother even though this meant that if caught she would be a law breaker and could be sentenced to death along with her brother. She was 16 at the time. 16 years old and willing to stare death in the face, for love of her family. What a risky choice. But she stayed focused on her brother and when he floated in front of Pharaoh's daughter she stepped up and asked if she should find a Hebrew Wet Nurse for him. Okay, it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that if there is an illegal male baby that's supposed to be dead and immediately a Hebrew girl comes up after the boy is found that she had some connection to this baby. Again, Miriam is risky for good. This boy turned out to be Moses leader of the Isrealites, follower of God, and protector of the line to Jesus and Miriam was known as a prophetess who cared for God's people throughout her days. 

Miriam was able to do this because she knew what family she belonged to. Galatians 3:26 says that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. When we know what family we belong to we will take more risks to help and care for that family. Miriam kept her focus on her brother. Where is our focus? Hebrews 12:1-2 encourages us to put of all of the weight of sin and focus completely on Jesus. It is not a sin to be intrigued by sinful things but when we focus on them we are going to be continually faced with the risky decision to sin or not. But when we focus on Jesus we will take risks in order to serve Him. 

Questions/Discussion topics

  • What is a decision that's not worth the risk? What is a risk everyone should take?
  • When is a time you have had to take a risk for good? What happened?
  •  Do you think that if we make wise and risky choices for God that the result will always come out okay?
  •  What are some examples of good risks people take because they love and trust God?

Let us know how we can pray for you

Grace and Peace,