2.26.14 Recap

Hello Parents,

Upcoming Events:

TOMORROW 2/28/14: Tubing at Great Bear. 6th-12th Grade. $9/person. Meet in the front entrance area of Great Bear

Spring Retreat - Tolerantly Intolerant (Stepping out in Truth & Love) :  May 2 - May 3.  6th- 12th Grade Students. Lock-In Speakers, Service Project, Games, Food, Fun.


Middle School Foundations

Scripture: Philippians 1:3-11

It is so easy for us to be so consumed with not messing things up that we never end up accomplishing our goals. The what if's pour over and over in our thoughts to the point of a complete stoppage of action. But Paul says in Philippians that God is faithful to complete the work in which He has started in us to completion. We don't have to worry if we are good enough, we don't have to worry if we will mess up, God is and continues to work in us until we are perfect. 

Questions/Discussion Topics

  • When have you feared you would fail to reach a goal? What worried you most?
  • If God is doing all this work in you, why can't you just sit around waiting for Him to grow you?
  • What is one thing you can do to join in this growing process?


High School Dig

Scripture: Matthew 25:42-46 & Luke 16:19-31

If each Christian has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them and everyone is able to have the Holy Spirit dwell inside of them because of the work of Jesus, then each person is necessary to growing God's Kingdom. We might not openly discount people, but our actions sometimes reflect our thoughts and attitudes that we may not even know we have. It is very rarely that when we think about the poor we view them as asset, friend, or equal. We normally see the need and not the person. But if we want to grow the Kingdom of Heaven to the ends of the earth then we must see the person and the need and then act. Matt. 25:42-46 says that God feels the weight of the needs of the poor so much that He identifies completely with them. God says that when you do something for the poor you do it TO Him. In Luke 16 we see what weights for us if we continually neglect the poor. God's will is for us is to see how important EVERY person is and then ACT. We can't simply know the need or feel fortunate, we must act. God demands it. 

  • According to Matthew 25:42-46, how does God classify the poor? It it simply people without money?
  • Honestly, how concerned do you think we are with the poor?
  • What is one practical thing can we do to act?

If there is anything that we can pray over you for or if you have a prayer of praise please let us know.

Grace and Peace,