2.19.14 Recap

Hello Parents,

Upcoming Events:

  • Family Bingo Night - This Friday 6:30-8:30pm @ Sycamore Center. Free
  • Tubing @ Great Bear- 7:30-9:30pm. $9/person. Meet at Great Bear. Please RSVP on HERE.
  • Spring Retreat at Sycamore Center - 6th - 12th Grade.  Friday May 2nd-3rd. Lock-in, Games, Service, and Speakers


Middle School Foundations:

Scripture: James 2:14-19

God wants us to experience an amazing thriving life, but the astonishing part of this plan for us is that we flourish best when we give ourselves to others most. James gives us a stark picture of Christians claiming faith but not living their faith. There is nothing that we can do to earn our right standing with God. He gives salvation as a free gift through Jesus, but it is impossible to not have good works if we have this salvation. Why does God want us to not just worry about ourselves? Because God knows that our lives our more fulfilled when we are filled with trust in Him and when we display that trust in care for others. 

Questions/Discussion Topics 

  • If life works best when you look out for others, when is it right to worry about your own wants and needs?
  • Jesus once said - Whoever wants to save their life will loose it, but whoever loeses their life for me will find it (Matt. 16:25). What does this mean?
  • How is it possible for someone to believe in God yet not have real faith? Explain. (reference James 2:19)

High School Dig:

Scripture: Romans 12:3-8 & 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Acts 2 attests to the truth that God has sent out His Holy Spirit to all followers of Jesus and this includes you! The Holy Spirit is indwelling and working through you. Because of this it is unthinkable to look around and assign lesser value on yourself or any other person. It is just as unthinkable to place more value on someone else over yourself or another person. If we are to complete Jesus' mission, we are ALL, this means you, essential. God has given you specific talents and gifts that no one else would be able to do just like you could. Not only that but He is working through those talents so it is not simply you who is at work. Yet sin and satan lie to us and tell us that we are the wrong person, not gifted enough, smart enough, talented enough, or qualified enough to engage in sharing the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. But we need to remember that these are lies and remind ourselves and others what the Bible says about us. We have the Word of God before us, the Spirit of God within us, and the command to go and make disciples. So whether you are a student, or a teenager, a girl or a boy, introverted, extroverted, old, young, fast slow, short, tall, bald, or full of hair; you are absolutely essential and important in the kingdom and growing the kingdom of God!

Questions/Discussion Topics

  • What reasons does Paul give in Romans 12:3-8 for not thinking of one part of the body of Christ more important than others?
  • Why do you think the temptation is so strong to assign greater importance to some members the body over others or yourself?
  • What makes you feel like you are not good enough to minster to others? What does the Bible say about us? (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)
  • Have your student give you one specific aspect of their location in life and character that they think God designed for ministry and witness. (WARNING: this might take a bit of time. THAT IS OKAY. Let them think about this some. When they respond or significant time has passed please affirm their gifts and share with them what you see God working in them for the purpose of sharing the Gospel)


Grace and Peace,