2.12.14 Recap

Hello Parents,

Hope Presidents Break goes/is going really well and that this can be a time for you and and your students to find some well deserved recuperation so that you can be refreshed and ready to jump into acts of love and service for your neighbor to the glory of God.

Up coming Events:

Feb. 21: Family Bingo Night at Sycamore Center. Bingo, Popcorn, and Prizes. Free!

Feb. 28: Tubing at Great Bear. 6th-12th Grade Students. Meet at Great Bear. $9. Bring warm clothes.


Middle School Foundations:

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:51-58 and Romans 6:23


The world has varying opinions on the life after death, but Jesus gives us a definite answer on it in John 5, Jesus says that there will be a time when he will speak and the dead will raise from their graves. Jesus promises us that there is life after death. This is all possible because Jesus fulfilled the requirement of the law through His death and resurrection. So even though our bodies are perishable, God promises us imperishable bodies for us in His Kingdom. Why is this important? 1 Thessalonians 4:13 says. "Brothers and Sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so you do not grieve like the rest, who have no hope." We have hope and this hope frees us. It frees us from living worried selfish lives. We no longer have to worry about what will happen to us here because we know that this isn't the end. That we will join with God with immortal perfect bodies in heaven. 

Questions/Discussion topics to have with your students

  • Life after death might sound good for later, but you’re not planning on dying anytime soon. What Good does this information do you right now?
  • What gives death its sting? Why?

  • What gives sin its power? Why?

  • What has Jesus done to sin and death?      


High School Dig

Since the High School students have been going through some pretty heavy topics I thought it would be a good time to simply see how they were processing through some of these thoughts and have some time to reconnect with the group. What turned out wasn't as I planned but ended up being great. One of the students recently gave a speech for their speech class about how they believe abortion should be illegal. Since this is a very big hot button issue it ended up stirring some discussion. This got to lead us into a great reminder that there is nothing that we can do to separate us God's love and there is nothing that we can abstain from that can earn us God's love. We do never want to encourage anyone into sin, but we need to remember that Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the law for us. Being a follower of Jesus is not about checking off do's and don't's but trusting in the forgiveness that is given to us without merit through Him. 

As always, we want to be holding you up in prayer. If there is anything we can be praying for please send me a quick email and we will be pray for that specifically. 

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Grace and Peace,