1.29.14 Recap

Hello Parents,


It has just come to my attention that some of you weren't in my parents list for emails and so have missed out on some of our weekly recaps. I apologize for that. If there is anyone else that you know that are not reviving this email and you think they should please let me know.


Last night we had a great night. I just want to thank you for talking with your students about making sure they control their energy in common spaces. I too talked with them last night and they reacted in a great way and made sure to respect others around them. 


Up coming events: Tubing @ Great Bear. Feb. 28th 7:30-9:30pm. $9/person. Meet at Great Bear. 6th-12th Grade students and their families





Middle School Foundations:


Many see Jesus as good, many see Him as a teacher, but few see Jesus as tough. The truth is that Jesus endured things that we cannot imagine, not only in his death but in his life. Hebrews 4:15 says that Jesus was tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin. This temptation is the same that we face. It might be hard for us to believe since Jesus is fully God but He also was fully man. Because of this we can be sure that Jesus knows what it is like to be in the situations we face and we also have access to the same tools to fight temptation he used. Matthew 4:1-11 shows Jesus going off into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Before Jesus is tempted, He was spending His time fasting. Jesus was not simply not eating, but using this time period to completely devote Himself in prayer and worship to God. Then when the devil comes Jesus responds to the temptations with God's Word. We too have access to God's word, we too can be consumed by the love of God because we know He loves and understands us in every way, and even more we can have others that know God's Word and are consumed with His love to help encourage us and remind us of God's Word when we are in the midst of temptation.


Discussion topics/questions to talk with your students about:

  • When was a time that God's Word helped you when you were being tempted?
  • What does it mean to you that God understands you?
  • Who is someone that can encourage you when your temped or after you have given into temptation?


High School Dig:


Scripture: Matthew 9:35-10:42


Last we talked about the truth that God Himself said that there was a heaven and a hell and that there were people going to both. This week we talked about how we have compassion for them. And we cannot have compassion without the love of Jesus in us. Jesus leaves us an example and two commands in this scripture passage.


The Example:

He saw there size:

When Jesus looked at the towns and cities of the Jewish people His heart broke and he had compassion on them. He didn't see one or two people in need. He didn't just see physical needs, but he saw the entirety of them. Jesus saw that His people were physically and spiritually nominalized and in need of care.


There are 2.18 billion Christians in the world. Assuming that none of them are nominal Christians and all of them are going to heaven that would leave 4.8 billion people. 4.8 BILLION PEOPLE! We need to see their size. We need to truly see them.


He realized their separation:

Because Jesus saw their size and truly saw the depths of their pain and knew the true cause of all of their suffering. Jesus said that the cities were like sheep without a shepherd. He know that they were separated from their Creator Savior God.


We need to move from natural affections to supernatural awareness of the condition of the lost.


He feels their suffering:

Jesus not only sees their size and realized their separation but it moves Him, not into immobilizing fear but into mobilization. 


The only way we can have this kind of compassion is if Christ is in us.


The Command


Pray and Go


Jesus tells the disciples to pray "for the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few". Then He sends out the disciples to every town and city. We too need to pray and go.



Discussion topics/questions for you and your students:

  • Does Jesus care more about the physical needs of the people or the spiritual needs of the people? (What do we see Jesus do for the people? Is it only one or both?)
  • How can we be moved to not only care for the physical needs of people but be crushed with compassion for the spiritual needs of people as well?
  • What's scary about being sent out?
  • What does Jesus promise us in Matthew 10:26-33


If there is any way we can pray for you or if there is other people that you know that should be receiving this email please let me know!


Grace and Peace,