1.22.14 Recap

Hello Parents,


I unfortunately have to start off with some bad news. Last night we had a person from Bethesda Counseling come out and say that it was so loud in the hallway that they couldn't even hear the people speaking in their counseling session. This was due to middle school students who were screaming, yelling, and running around in the halls. 


I know we are low on space but we simply can't have your students running around and making a lot of noise. So please talk with your students and let them know that they need to act like the middle schoolers that they are who can control their energy for appropriate times and not kindergartners who simply cannot. 


Thank you so much for taking care of this and I know with your help we won't have to talk about it again. 




Upcoming events:


Tubing at Great Bear. Fri. Feb. 28th 7:30 - 9:30. $9/person. Meet at Great Bear.



Middle School:


Over the last couple of weeks the Middle School Students have gone over some big truths. And because of this I wanted to take some time for the students to ask some questions about the things we went over and any other questions they had about Jesus, God, and the Bible. So that is what we did. 


Questions/Discussion to have with your Student

Just take some time to ask your students what questions they have. This is probably scary for you, but you don't have to know every answer. If your student asks you a question you don't know they will appreciate your honesty and what a great learning experience you can share with them as you look to God's Word for the answer.



High School:


Scripture Passage: Matthew 25: 31-46




Do we believe the Bible? Jesus, not a disciple or prophet or evangelist, but God himself says that there is a heaven and a hell and people will be going to both. Who does Jesus say will go to hell? He says that those that have been given much and do not in return give to those who are in need are going to hell. This does not mean that we can earn our salvation or that if we simply give to people in need we will be saved. What Jesus is getting at is that those who love God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength will desire to care for the people who cannot care for themselves so that God will be glorified and more people will get to be within His presence. 


Questions/Discussion to have with your Student:

  • Who can we as a family care for so God can be glorified?
  • If we believe Jesus' words that hell is a real place and people will go there, how will it impact our relationships with people?
  • How do we invite people to Jesus without them feeling that we don't care about them and only want to get them to go to church?


If there is anything that we can do for you or pray for/with you about please let us know.


Grace and Peace,