Recap 12/10/14


Break is coming up just around the corner! I hope that this holiday season is getting off to a joyful and peaceful start. What an amazing time of the year where we get to celebrate and praise God for the work and love that He showed for us by sending His son!

Unfortunately, I was not able to be present on Wednesday night as Abby and I were in the Mitchell area for a funeral. I am so thankful for Derek Hackett who stepped in and lead middle school youth group and helped lead for high school alongside Lindsey Brua (who has helped with high school this whole year). 

Also in high school, Allie L, Sam R, and Nate B each had planned and spoke on a favorite verse and how it had encouraged them, challenged them or spoken into their lives (Allie ended up being sick but wanted to mention her here anyway). 

Before sending the upcoming events, I would like to say that I am so thankful and excited to see the way that God is working in your students lives, and in the youth ministry at King of Glory. I feel like the middle school has finally begun to feel comfortable with one another and sharing. There is a huge difference from the beginning of this year to now in their willingness to talk, share and partake as a group. In high school it has been so fun to see the relationships that were already present continue to grow and see how the group changes and forms as the seniors graduated last year and the freshman came in this year. 

Here are the upcoming events:

This Sunday, December 14th is the KOG Christmas party. There will be an awesome program as well as some great food! It is being held at the Point is to Serve. It is located on N Kiwanis very close to Thunder Road.

December 17th (next Wednesday) starting at 6:30 and going until 8:00 pm is the end of year celebration!! We will be having a Christmas party for the youth with food, games,and fellowship. We will be having a White Elephant gift exchange so your students are asked to bring a gift with them. This is not meant to be something extremely nice and I would encourage students to find something at home or that they already have or possibly make. If they want to get something instead, no more than $5 please :)

Looking into January - Wednesday nights start back up on the 7th.

We will have another worship night as well held on the 10th of January. Hopefully we will be able to meet in the new church building! However, as we get closer to that day we will be able to know for sure. This is meant to be a time for students to come and enjoy worship. Whether they would like to try to learn a new instrument (bass, guitar, piano and possibly drum) or would like to come and sing as we fellowship in worship. We will be meeting at 7:00 p.m. and will be going until 8:30. 

January Retreat!  On January 23rd and 24th we will be going out to Swan Lake Christian camp for the night/day. We will be leaving between 6:30 and 7:00 pm on Friday night and will be returning home late on Saturday night (between 10:00 and 10:30 pm.) This is an opportunity for both middle and high school students to get away from our crazy schedules and spend time as a youth ministry to recharge and gear up for the second semester. We will have 3-4 sessions throughout the weekend to focus our hearts and minds on our walk with Christ and the real reason we take these trips. Alongside of that there will be plenty of time for games (pool, ping pong, broom-ball, Frisbee, monster, and more). I will send a schedule in early January. Registration will be due by January 14th! Friends are more than welcome! Cost will be around $40-45 mark (I will have more clarity next week but this would include all food, travel and lodging). 

If there are any questions on anything please let me know!


Doyle Burnside