Recap 11/5/2014

Good afternoon!

So we do have a few upcoming events for November as well as December.

November 15th, we will be having our second worship night at USF. This is a great opportunity for youth to come together in community and spend time in worship. Whether it is starting to learn some basics on the guitar, bass guitar, or piano or come and share their talents on an instrument or signing! We will be meeting at 7:00 p.m. and will go until 8:30 p.m.

November 26th there will be no youth programming.

December 14th we will be having a King of Glory Christmas program. There will be supper and a fun program that the youth and children ministry is putting together!

And finally on December 17th we will have our last Wednesday night. We will be having a Christmas party for both middle and high school students. There will be Christmas goodies as well as our Christmas game! For the game each student will be asked to bring a small gift no more than $5. However, it does not need to be bought either (could be something that they already have at home). Really a fun silly game to end this year!

Recap of Nov 15th

Middle School: In middle school are focusing in on the church. Last week was focused on Jesus as the head of the church. This week we dove into the fact that we are the body of Christ. Through the power and actions of Jesus, we have been moved out of darkness and into the kingdom! He has made us pure and holy through the cross. We then discussed how they as middle school students can play a significant role - both in and for the church. To end the lesson I challenged the students to memorize 1 Timothy 4:12. This is an example of how even though we are young, we still can set an example in our faith!

High school: In high school we looked into the parable of Jesus to begin to see who Jesus is. We focused in on two different parables. The first described what the Kingdom of God is like and the second is what God is like. Students broke off and dove deep into 11 different parables and saw a kingdom that is so highly valuable or treasured, and a God who is over the top loving, forgiving, and diligent. A God who spent time with "sinners" and the outcast. And we saw Jesus as a "partier". Jesus rejoices when people repent and he celebrates in those moments!

Please continue to be praying for this ministry. For the volunteers, students and for one another (parents) as we work with and alongside this youth ministry!

And as always, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Doyle Burnside