Recap 11/19/2014


So this was a really fun Wednesday night as we went and served with the adult services through LifeScape. Once we began the students jumped right in and did an awesome job connecting and helping the folks there with decorating a Christmas plate. It was so fun hearing the conversations and seeing the excitement enter the room once the decorating began. A few of the residence there were so happy to share their end result and there were constant smiles on their faces as we spent time with them. After the night was over Lindsey and I were talking and I think she said it perfectly. She said that because there are not a lot of groups that are going there consistently, just the fact that we were present and excited to talk and spend time with them meant more than getting everything done and started/finished in a perfect time frame. I think that is so true. They were so joyful to spend time with us and show off their plates with everyone in the room! As we were getting finished, one of the residence in the home said that he hoped we would be invited back. What a great testimony to how well the students made them feel loved and appreciated. 

Some upcoming reminders/events:

Next Wednesday there are no Wednesday night activities. We will be back to a normal schedule December 3rd.

December 14th is the "Unfrozen" Christmas party for King of Glory. We will be having a run through on December 7th with everyone before the second service Sunday morning. So at 9:00 Sunday the 7th. There will be some food and drinks provided for those in the program. 

December 17th: The middle school and high school Christmas party is happening! We will be doing a white elephant exchange, playing games, eating food.. basically having a party as we celebrate the end of the year with the joy of Christmas just around the corner! 

Also, please continue to pray for this youth ministry. Last night was an awesome example of the heart of service that is present within the youth! I ask for prayer as the youth continue to grow with one another, with this congregation, and with the Lord!

IF there are any questions or specific prayer request that you have for me please let me know!


Doyle Burnside