Recap 10/29/14

Hello to parents, students and more!

It seems crazy to me that this is the last week of October. I feel like school just started. Anyway, here is a recap of Wednesday night!

Middle School: We started our new series on the church this week. We read through Ephesians Chapter 5: 21-30. This section addresses husband and wives. However, it also addresses a huge part of the church - Jesus. This week we dove into the importance of Jesus Christ, who is the head of the church. He is the driving factor, the brains, the director, the leader, and the source of all we do as the church. So, when we get into youth group and begin the lesson, the reason why Jesus is at the focal point in the mass majority of the lessons is because he is the focal point of the church. As we continue to read through these chapters we also see what Christ does for us the church. In verses 25-27 we see Jesus giving himself up for us, making us (the church) holy, washing the church to present itself without wrinkle or stain, but holy and blameless. It is through Jesus, that the church is set apart. Now as we continue to look further into our role it the church, we can go back to this lesson knowing that it is through Christ that our role is possible. 

High School - This week was a opening lesson to try to get the students to think of three things when it comes to Jesus. We read through Luke 9:10-20 where It starts with Jesus feeding the 5,00 and after it is all said and done, Jesus has a conversation with his disciples. In this he starts by asking them who people are saying he is. Then he turns it to them, asking his disciples who they say he is. Peter response with God's Messiah. The focal point of this series rests on that question of Jesus "who do you say I am" (vs 20). The first point this week was to see that we can easily miss the real Jesus. Even his disciples missed the point several times (several times after this proclamation by Peter). We can get caught up in the world view of who Jesus is without even realizing it sometimes. The last two points were challenges to the students by thought and action. First they were challenged to answer that question on their own (who do you say I am). Then were encouraged to evaluate how well they know Jesus (and not just the answers to questions). The second challenge was to continue to draw close to Jesus. Through prayer, scripture and relationship with him. They only way to see and know the real Jesus, is to continually drawing near to him! 

If there are any questions or comments please feel free to email or call me.

Doyle Burnside