Recap 10.22.2014

Good Morning everyone!

I hope that your week has been great. Here are a few reminders/updates as well as a recap of Wednesday night.

Upcoming events:

Middle and High school worship night. It will be at our (Abby and Doyle) place at USF starting at 7:00 pm and going until 8:30. This is a time for us as a youth to get together and fellowship in music. If you have a student who is interested in working/learning the basics of guitar, piano, bass or drums, or would like to come and sing along, this is a great place to start/continue. It is really a time to get together and worship with one another as we sing and learn songs!

December 14th is this years Christmas party for King of Glory. There will be a skit "Unfrozen" and there are a few of your students who have already volunteered to help. If your student would like to be a reader for the skit and haven't already let me know please feel free to email me! We will plan one day for a complete run through before the 14th still to be determined.

There will also be a youth Christmas party the last Wednesday before Christmas break: December 17th. We will start at 7 and go until 8:45 and will be for middle and high school students. We will be playing a gift exchange game and will be asking the youth to bring a gift with them that night to put into the game (this should not exceed 5 dollars, but could also be something that they already have at home). This is a night for games, food, fellowship and fun before the break begins. 

Recap of Wednesday the 22nd.

Middle School: We will be starting a new three week series on the Church and on Wednesday we introduced the topic. This series will include Jesus' role in the church, the role the church for us, and how we as the church have been given gifts to be used for God's glory. This study will focus on how the middle school students fit into the big picture of the church and how their lives now can be changed. They have the ability to be the hands and feet of God right now as they continue to grow and walk in faith. Hopefully through this study your students will be encouraged and strengthened in their role as a member of the church.

High School: We will also be starting a new series in High school as we finished our surrender series by Francis Chan last week.  Our new series is called "Jesus Centered Life". After talking about surrendering our stuff, status, sin and self, we will now be digging into the question why. The simple answer to that question would be Jesus. This study is set up in a way that dives deep into the question that Jesus asked his disciples in Luke 9:12-20 "Who do you say that I am?". With a new emphasis on service in high school, this study will give us the encouragement and understanding of why we are forming that attitude of service. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email, text, or stop me if you see me.

Doyle Burnside