Recap 10/15/2014

Good morning everyone!

I am sending this email out to inform you of a few upcoming events as well as give you a recap of Wednesday night.

So, upcoming events:

This Sunday is the festival out at the Tornberg's. There will be a lot of activities, food and fun. It starts at 4:30 and goes until 7:30. Then at 7:30 middle school and high school students are invited to stay for another hour to spend time having some fun with night games and community.

Saturday October 25th (next Saturday) we will be having a worship night for the middle school and high school students. We will be meeting at mine and Abby's apartment at USF. This is a time for students who are interested in learning an instrument for worship (Piano, Bass, Guitar, drums), continuing to jam with us on one they already know, or who are interested in singing as well. This is not a time for us to make professionals but to start the process of learning some basics when it comes to worship. We will continue to meet throughout the year and build on the basic elements as we meet. It will start at 7:00 pm and go until 8:30 pm.

December 14th is this years day for the Christmas party at King of Glory. The youth have been asked to help out with the skit as well as readings throughout the program. Some of your students took the play home with them this last Wednesday. If they didn't but are interested in being a part of something, there are plenty of reading parts that we can split and assign that night. 

Recap from Wednesday night:

Middle school - We took a "field trip" on Wednesday night and walked to Juice stop. Ultimately this was a relationship building night. However, we did through a twist into the walk and on the way we had students put a rock in their shoe. Once we got to Juice stop they were allowed to remove the rock. The point/reason behind this was to touch on Sin and the redemption that Christ gives us. Sin often has an impact in our lives, and also in the lives of those around us. As we limped and shook our feet on the way to juice stop, people driving by could clearly see that we were not walking normally. This is so true about sin in our life as well. We can sometimes find a "comfortable" spot for sin and find a way to live with it. However, people see our struggle. They notice those things in our life. The good news for us as followers of Christ is that we have been set free from our sin. God has removed sin from our lives and placed it on himself through the cross. We now have the freedom to walk differently. To walk in a new way!

High school - We finished the four week series on surrender with Francis Chan. This week was based on surrendering all of ourselves. We watched students lives change from a focus on themselves to a focus on those around them, finding ways to impact the community and people around us. After the video we broke into smaller groups for discussion. There were two main questions. The first was based on the four week study - talking about what the hardest thing to surrender is (Stuff, Status, Sin, Self). The second question was based on this weeks video. We had them discuss ways in which they think we could impact and be a light into our community here in Sioux Falls. Here are two of the ideas that were brought up: 1. We could serve with the Summit housing again, having nights were we babysit/spend time with the kids there, giving their moms time for themselves, things that need to get done (doing this continuously to build relationships with those there. 2. We could possibly do a Community makeover for those around the new church building (painting, mowing, ect for those that might need it). IT was fun to see the students begin to see that they can do things to make an impact on those around them!

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call or send me an email!

Doyle Burnside