Recap 10.8.14

Good morning everyone,

We do have a few upcoming events for the youth to keep on your radar/thoughts.

First, the King of Glory night out at the Tornberg's is this next Sunday the 19th. This is going to be an awesome time for everyone to come and enjoy some community with our King of Glory members as well as a great day to invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers (remember Rich saying he will ride a wild horse??). There will be a lot going out there for all ages: crafts, games, live music, and more. There will also be an hour after the event for middle school and high school students to play some night games and spend time together. The actual event is 4:30 until 7:30 and the youth are invited to stay until 8:30! 

Secondly, this year the high school and middle school students were asked to help out with our Christmas night! We will be doing an "Unfrozen" play and be enjoying food and fellowship! That is scheduled for December 14th. I will have some more information coming soon.

Finally, we will be having our first "worship" night for the youth this month! On October 25th we will be having a night for any of the youth who are interested in working on worship (instruments or vocals) together. We will simply begin to play some music together and work on various things!

A recap of Wednesday night:

Since we did not have access to the seminary we did not have middle school youth group. However, our high school students went to the Summit House to help with the cleaning process. They still have plenty of work to do before their hopeful ready date of Nov. 1st. We did get a lot done upstairs though. We went through three "pods" which consist of two rooms and a bathroom. We did a deep cleaning of the floors in each room, the bathrooms and windows. We also a smaller group help with cleaning and putting on two doors on the main floor. They then did a few other projects as they came up that night. We spent a total of about two hours there and really had a fun time cleaning as a group! 

Regular scheduling will be back for this next Wednesday. 

If there are any questions please let me know!


Doyle Burnside 605-310-2561