October 22, 2017: Luke 15:1-10 (Rich Merkouris)

  • 0:00 story of the fear of the loose mouse in the house
  • 1:00 All of us have lost something in our life
  • 1:20 Luke 15 Pursuing someone or something.
    • In this passage, the grumbling religious leaders are pursuing Jesus
    • Jesus is trying to make the point to these leaders that he is pursuing people that are lost
  • 5:30 God has a passion to pursue people who are lost
  • 6:00 God celebrates when one comes back to God
  • 6:40 Jesus makes it clear that he throws a party when one comes to Christ
  • 8:50 The question this morning is does our passion align with God's passion?
  • 10:00 This next week, saturate yourself with the vision of God.
    • Return to a Bible verse of John 3:16. Don't complicate the meaning
  • 11:34 The second thing is that does your/our giving reflect the heart of God?
  • 13:18 Does your checkbook reflect that it supports evangelism. Pray about it
  • 13:57 Pray for the laborers to share the message

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