February 4, 2018: (Rich Merkouris)

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Luke 15:1-10 Parable of the Lost Sheep

  • 1:44 When you start helping others, sometimes you begin to realize how unhealthy we are.
  • 3:30 What's coming out every single day when you are interacting with others? 
  • 4:03 What does it mean to be healthy?
    • It doesn't mean perfection
  • 5:30 God elevates humanity different than other created things. We are a reflection of him.
  • 8:55 To be healthy, is to love God with our whole being.
  • 10:44 Two things rob us of our health
    • At some point in your life, you are hurt by someone or something. We end up having bitterness. This leads to separation from others and God as we know it does not match with God. However, at the heart of the Lord's prayer is forgiveness.
    • Many of struggle with never dealing with our grief. Often we just try to replace it with something else.
  • 22:47 How do we pursue health?
    • Meditation - To meditate is to reflect and remember the Word of God. Do you know the promises? Remember the truth.
    • Confession - The purpose of confession - It's to be reminded of what he has done. 
      • When is the last time you confessed a sin to someone else?
      • We confess to remind us that Jesus forgives you
    • Celebration - Christians have more to celebrate than anyone else. Christians are horrible at this. We have to celebrate more. When we do not celebrate, we tell God this is not enough.
    • Which habit do you need to begin with?
  • 37:00 Are you willing to start some new habits? Are you willing to improve your health?

December 16, 2012: John 1:1-18 (Rich Merkouris)