April 17, 2016: Philippians 3:12-4:1 (Rich Merkouris)

sermon at church in sioux falls

Hey, thanks for taking some time to listen the message below from King of Glory church in Sioux Falls.  We are currently in a sermon series entitled You Asked It.   People from the church submitted questions and during the month of April I am studying the Bible to respond to the specific questions.   The most asked about topic was the Holy Spirit and not far behind was how Christians should be involved in politics.  This is an unique message as I was seeking to talk about a very delicate and controversial topic, politics.  I sought to do this sermon differently by sitting in the middle of the room to have the appearance that we were having a conversation guided by God's Word. Then my son decided to come sit on my lap which made it a little challenging but we made it through.  I hope you will be encouraged by this message and I most certainly invite more conversation.  Please feel free to comment here or contact me to discuss further.  

Press On, 

Pastor Rich