A New Mindset at King of Glory

Have you every thought to yourself, "how can I make a difference in this world?" Each of us has a desire to make an impact but sometimes we get overwhelmed by the size of the problems or not knowing where to start. Check out the message from January 21 where Pastor Rich encouraged us to develop a new mindset. You can also share a testimony below which can help encourage others and allow all of us to praise God together for how He is working through us to love people. 


Notice The One Igniter Fund

King of Glory has received a gift of $20,000 to be used to ignite this new mindset among. This fund is to be used to help King of Glory people bless the one in their path. CLICK HERE to download the request form.  After completing the form, contact Julie Burnside, julie@kingofglorysf.org, or 605-310-0293 to receive the funds. 

Share Your Testimony
Please consider sharing your experience of seeking to "Notice the One." Your experience will encourage others in their journey and also allow others to join you in prayer or praising God. 

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