Three Year Vision & Church Updates

King of Glory,

The Leadership Team has been crafting a three year vision for our congregation. It was a joy to present a DRAFT of this work. You can watch that presentation and download pertinent information below.

We also made a big announcement about a Strategic Partnership that we are pursuing. We are in the process of establishing a partnership with Red Door Church. Red Door Church would share our facility with us. We would share youth ministry programming. If we moved forward with the partnership it would mean that our worship time would change to 9:30 a.m. Red Door would worship at 11:15 a.m. Over the next week we are hoping to finalize those details and bring together a final plan that works for us, Red Door and International Outreach Ministries.

Please know that I desire to be in conversation with you. The Leadership Team also desires to hear from you. You can share your perspective below and everything will be shared with the Leadership Team. Please be in prayer for our congregation as we put together a clear vision that we can rally around and pursue together.


Pastor Rich

CLICK HERE to watch the informational session from Sunday April 28.

CLICK HERE to download the DRAFT three year vision document.

CLICK HERE to download a helpful article about some of the current cultural trends that Pastor Rich mentioned during the informational session.

Help Us Discern Our Vision

Please consider sharing your perspective. You are invited to share your ideas, concerns, questions, objections or affirmations. We desire to hear how you believe God is directing our congregation. Complete the form below before Sunday May 20.

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