City Love Team Celebration

Everyone is invited to join us as we celebrate our 1st year of focus on KOG City Love Teams.  Throughout the month of June, we will be promoting the City Love Teams and encouraging all to pick a focus and join a team for the next year.  

On Sunday, June 3rd KOG families are going to be encouraged to start thinking about a praying for all the organizations that we have served, and will serve, in the future.  Every family will be sent home with a backpack and instructions on things to fill it with.  Items that will be going into the bags will be given to the organizations to help with various needs they have.  If you can not join us on June 3rd, please stop by the church on Tuesday or Wednesday, from 12-5 pm, and grab a bag for your family.  We will all bring our bags back to worship on Sunday, June 10th.

On Sunday, June 10th we will take time during the worship service to celebrate the last year of involvement with various organizations.  After the worship service we will share a catered meal together.  Again, EVERYONE is invited.