Worship Discussion

The Leadership Team is currently deliberating the best strategy for our worship services.  As previously announced, our plans are to continue with the current format through May 22.  Below are the options being considered for the long term. No matter which option is chosen we may have just one service during the summer months.  We will make a decision about what to do during the summer after we have made the long term decision. 

Worship Options Under Consideration:

1)   Continue with our current format (traditional & contemporary)

2)   Offer only one worship service that would be focused on being “blended” (basically seeking to have one or two hymns each week and rotating in the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, & Confession)

3)   Offer only one worship service that would be just like our current “contemporary” service

Feedback Opportunity:
You are invited to answer the following question and submit it to the Leadership Team.  Fill in the box below with your thoughts and the Leadership Team will receive it.  Thank you for helping us discern the best pathway forward for King of Glory.  

Which option do you believe is best for KOG and why do you think it’s the wisest choice? 

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