Adoption Update from the Reuer Family

Please see the following update from the Reuer Family:

It has been a number of months since we provided a written adoption update and by now I assume most of you have heard the exiting news that we have been selected to adopt an 11 year old boy from Jamaica.  We have been praying that we would be matched with him since we first met him in November of 2013 and now we are thrilled that God has graciously answered those prayers!  

We could have never imagined the journey that God had planned for us when we began the adoption process in September of 2012, and frankly, had we known at the time that it would take this long I doubt we would have gone forward.  There were several times when we wondered if God wanted us to move forward but in those times God would always give us a word of encouragement through a song on the radio, a sermon message or a verse in the Bible.  But now that we are nearing the end of this journey we would do it all over again.

While we are now past the biggest step in the adoption process, we are still not finished.  As we understand it there are 3 steps to complete before we can bring “J” home with us:

1. First we have to update all of the paperwork, home studies, background checks, etc for the CDA as all of these must to be completed within the last 6 months.  Most of this can be done very easily and quickly, unless we have to comply with a new requirement that our home study be done with a HAGUE approved social worker.  If we have to comply with that new rule the home study process could take several weeks.  But when we have all of that completed then the “Adoption Board” will review our case and hopefully officially approve our adoption.

2. The second step will then be to get a court date set in Jamaica to have custody of J turned over to us.  This should just be a formality but will require that we go to Jamaica and can take some time to get a date set up.  

3. Finally, once Jamaica gives us custody we then have to get approval from the US immigration service to allow us to bring J back to the states with us.  

Unfortunately it is hard to know how long each of these steps will take, but we are guessing each could take 2-3 months. In the end we are HOPING that we will have him home by Christmas, but it could easily be longer.  

We praise God for this miracle and we are so thankful for your prayers and support over the last couple years.  As we move forward, please pray that we are able to quickly provide everything to Jamaica, and that they do not delay moving this forward.  Also, please pray for the adoption of the other children at Robin’s Nest.  The CDA seems to be willing to start the adoption process for some other children which would be awesome since several of the older boys would also like Forever Homes and they had mixed emotions once they found out about J.  

That is a quick recap of where we are at and what we expect as we move forward.  We pray that the next update will happen quickly with more good news!  

The Reuer Family