Valentines Day Party

Join us as we celebrate the gift of God's love.  We will have a special Valentines Party right during our worship services on Sunday February 14. You are not going to want to miss this special celebration.  

What are we going to do? 

  • We will be giving away "a month of fresh bread" from the local Breadsmith to a handful of individuals or families.  Don't miss your chance to get a fresh loaf of bread each week for one month. 
  • We will be preparing some special valentines for people who need a tangible expression of God's love.  
  • We will give our children valentines to remind them how much they are loved. 

What should I bring? We are asking everyone to bring the name and address of one family or individual they know could use a reminder that God loves them. Bring the name and address of anyone needing a special encouragement and a special valentine will be prepared for them. If you don't have the name or address for anyone that is just fine as we will have some people identified to prepare a special valentine for.  

If you would like to bring valentines candy for all the kids that would be marvelous as well. Plan on bringing 40 pieces of valentines candy so we have enough to send a bag full of valentines candy home with any children that attended worship.  

When is the party? 8:30 a.m. during our traditional worship or 10:15 during our contemporary worship

Where is the party? 1001 E. 17th St. in Sioux Falls, SD