Youth Christmas Party

From Youth Director Doyle Burnside:

We are going to be having a Christmas party at my house for both middle school and high school students. Since there are no other activities going on at the church we will plan on just meeting at my house (116 W 27th St, Sioux Falls SD 57105) instead of the church first. It will go from 6:30-8:00 pm that night and we will be doing a white elephant exchange. If your student would like to buy a gift it cannot be above $5.00. However, I have encouraged them to get creative and maybe find something fun/funny/creative at home if they would like to do that instead. One year there was a half of a piñata with some candy left inside. Feel free to get creative! I will provide apple cider and Chex mix. Students are encouraged to bring some sort of Christmas goodie to share with the group if able.