December Giving

Hello King of Glory Friends, it is with great excitement that I share the following financial news with you. 

As of November 30 our General Fund giving for the year was $329,042. The total annual budgeted giving for 2016 is $327,600. That means that we have met our goal for the year before December! This does not mean that we stop giving because we do not give to a budget but we give to God. Giving is an act of worship in giving God honor by giving back to Him a portion of all that He has given to us. Since we have met our budgetary needs for the year we now have an opportunity to do something special above and beyond our budgeted plan for the year. 

We have a $25,000 matching gift challenge before us which means if we use $25,000 for something special beyond our budget that it will be matched. Therefore, we have an opportunity to advance the mission of God with $50,000 this December. Plus we have a plan for what happens if we go beyond $25,000 in giving for the month. Every dollar given in December will go towards something special. Here is a breakdown of how the giving in December will be used. 

  • $15,000 - Van for Center of Hope Ministry in downtown Sioux Falls. They will replace their current van which is rusting out and is high in miles. The van is used to transport people to a weekly Bible study and also to a special sports night every Sunday. The COH works with the working poor or homeless in Sioux Falls. 
  • $15,000 - Mission work in Mongolia through AMONG Ministries. AMONG is a ministry that shares the Gospel in Mongolia through a broadcasting network and also goes out into the countryside with teams that share about Jesus. This gift will purchase some new video equipment and $5,000 of it will go towards their operating budget for the year. 
  • $10,000 - Robin’s Nest Orphanage in Jamaica. These funds will be given to help put in solar panels to help with electrical issues at the orphanage. The orphanage provides an education for each child there and a safe place surrounded by the love of Jesus. 
  • $10,000 - King of Glory Care Fund. This fund is used to help people that have a unexpected need due to difficult circumstance in life. This fund is used for people connected to KOG in some fashion. A care fund request form is available on the church website and also via paper at the church office. 
  • Every dollar over and above those commitments will go towards an extra principal reduction payment on our building loan that will be made at the end of this year. 

If $38,000 was given during December that would mean that we would complete all the commitments list above thanks to the matching gift and make a payment of $13,000 on the building loan. CLICK HERE if you want to make a gift online this month. 

Thank you for your faithful and generous giving that furthers the mission of God through King of Glory. 

Pastor Rich