Reuer Family Adoption Update

Please see the following update from the Reuer Family:

As most of you may know, 4 ½ years ago our family went on a youth mission trip to Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica and shortly after we returned we began the adoption process. On another mission trip in November of 2013, we met a 9 year old boy named Jahaeim that our family has gotten to know very well and became very attached to.  The problem is that Jamaica doesn’t let families request to adopt a specific child so we just had to put our name on a list and wait to be matched.  But as long as Jahaeim was waiting for a family, we have continued to pray for him to be adopted and hoped it would be by our family.

It has been a long and trying process and I recall saying that it would probably take a miracle for us to be able to adopt Jahaeim.  But we found out that miracles do happen in April of this year when we were matched with him. 

Since then we had to update all of our paperwork and we sent that off in July for the “Adoption Board” to review.  We finally heard earlier this month that they approved our case on October 31 and we now have a court date on November 30th to obtain custody of Jahaeim in Jamaica! 

Unfortunately we won’t be able to bring him home right away since we still need to get him a VISA and Passport to bring him back to America.  We expect this process to take a couple of months but we hope  to bring him home soon so he can experience what South Dakota winters are all about.

We appreciate your prayers and support over the last few years, and we praise God for how he has carried us through this process! We would ask that you continue praying for the rest of the process to go well, and that we have safe and smooth travels over the next few weeks.  If all goes well you will get to meet Jahaeim soon!