Petrich Adoption Update & Thanks

Hi KOG Friends, It is really exciting to see God's people walk by faith. We are seeing that happen right now with Nathaniel and Allison Petrich from KOG. They are in the adoption process and have been matched with a mom. We were blessed at King of Glory to be able to support them financially in this step of faith. KOG gave $7,500 towards the adoption expenses. Your giving is a making a difference! Please see the note below to get an update and please continue in prayer for them. 
Pastor Rich

King of Glory family, 

We are absolutely overwhelmed with gratefulness for your financial gift to support our family's adoption. We feel so loved and supported and held in prayer by all of you, and the financial support has also been an incredible blessing! 

We have been matched with an expectant birthmother who is set to be induced on October 25th in Salt Lake City, UT. She does not speak English, so unfortunately we have not had much interaction with her, but she is looking forward to meeting us at the hospital and is hoping we are there for the birth. So far everything has gone well, she is healthy and baby is measuring right on track. We will be traveling there on Monday the 24th and will stay until our paperwork is cleared through both states and can bring baby home! That can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks. 

We would love your continued prayers in this adoption for all involved- birthmother, baby, and for us. We are reminded often that while this is a time of great joy for our family and answers to many prayers, this is a time of great courage and grieving for her. Please pray for safe travel and stay in Utah, and that the paperwork and legal process goes quickly and smoothly! 

We can't wait to get home and introduce our little one to our King of Glory family! We are truly grateful for all of you! 

With love, 

Nathaniel & Allison Petrich