FW Friends Night

Starting Wednesday, October 5th, King of Glory will be running the program FW Friends for our Children's Programming.  FW Friends material will be used also during Sunday Kid's Worship as a way to continue reinforcing the ideas learned throughout the week.  Below is a detailed description of what FW Friends is all about!

FaithWeaver Friends® is where kids experience God's love through friendshipsFaithWeaver Friends helps kids deepen their relationships with God, one another, and those who need a helping hand. Through prayer, praise, and journaling, kids deepen their friendship with God. By rotating through activity centers in small groups, kids grow in friendship with one another. And through community service projects, kids learn the blessing of being a friend to those in need.

Friends Love at All Times… Proverbs 17:17

FaithWeaver Friends is all about, well, friends. Kids apply each week's Bible Point to their lives in ways that relate to their peers. They discover what it really means to serve each other. It's friendly, too—volunteer-friendly, kid-friendly, and outreach-friendly.

With Jesus at the center, kids connect to God and each other through a variety of fun activities. They journal. They play. They even eat creative snacks. All in a way that reinforces God like nothing else. It's not just better. It's just right. 

The times of the Wednesday Night FW Friends have changed slightly, so please see the updated schedule below.

  • 6:00-6:30 pm Meal, Every week we will be serving a meal for the kids and volunteers
  • 6:30-7:30 pm, Kids ages PreK -5th Grade are invited to come to FW Friends
  • 6:30-7:30 pm, Kids ages 6th-8th Grade are invited to Middle School Youth where they will build relationship with other middle school students, sing songs, and study the Bible together.
  • 7:45 pm-9 pm, Kids 9th-12th Grade are invited to High School Youth were they will spend time building relationship with other high school students, spend time discussing the Bible and talking about how it applies to their lives.

Come and join us at King of Glory Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota!  If you have any questions on our Kid's Programming, please feel free to contact our Children's Director, Allison Petrich, at allison@kingofglorysf.org, or call the church office at 605-271-3456.

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