Serve Sunday

Serve Sunday is BACK!  Join us on Sunday, November 8 at 8:30 am.  

It is that time of year again where we gather,  using our hands and feet, to bless those around us.  This is done by raking a strangers lawn or by putting together a snack mix for our public service workers.  You may also find some gathered making greeting cards for those in the Southridge Nursing Home.  At King of Glory one of our Core Focuses is to serve the community. Serve Sunday is the day, as a church, we demonstrate living that Core Focus.  If you have never had an opportunity to participate in Serve Sunday, now is the time!

This year we are focusing on serving in three different ways:
Serve our Family
Serve our Community
Serve Globally

Each of our service projects will fall under one of these categories.  We always encourage families to serve along side their kids, but we are excited to announce that there will be specific projects just for the kids this year.  If you do not plan on having them serve with you then there is no need to sign them up for a project.  Just sign them up under the Kids Projects.  

Below is the list of all the Service Projects this year:
Serve our Family-
-Deep Cleaning the Nursery
-Providing Childcare (Ages 0-2)
-Repairing MultiPurpose Room Chairs

Serve our Community-
-Raking Lawns
-Compassion Child Care
-Treats for County Jail
-Assembling Blessing Bags
-Center of Hope Bike Shop
-Center of Hope
-Preparing Freezer Meals
-Making Cards for Southridge Nursing Home
-Glory House
-Bishop Dudley House
-Family Visitation Center

Serve our Globe-
-Shoe Cutting for Africa
-Banners for Ecuador

Kids Projects-
-Art work for the Nursery (Serve our Family)
-Birthday Bags for Family Visitation Center (Serve our Community)
-Greeting Cards for Ecuador (Serve our Globe)

**In addition to serving, we will once again be serving breakfast to everyone, at the church, at 8:30 am before we split up into our groups.  

You can sign up for Serve Sunday at church, on the sign up boards.  For questions, or to sign up online, email Trista Hackett at