Do you need a night to be alone to get refreshed? 
Do you need a date night to strengthen your relationship? 
Do you need to go grocery shopping without kids!!??

King of Glory is excited to offer FREE childcare on Monday evenings.  

Use this opportunity to refresh yourself or connect with someone. You could take a night to connect with your significant other, family, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. You could go on a date, run errands, clean the house, or go bowling! The possibilities are endless!
Everyone is free to use this...married, couples, and single parents!


Frequently Asked Questions & Registration

Please choose which Monday Night you are requesting Childcare. *please note how many spots are available when registering.
Parent Name *
Parent Name
Please list all children needing care. An example is shown below. John Doe, 7 years old.
Please list the name of child, and their respective allergy/medical concern.
For registering for the first time, you are eligible to receive a free gift!

Who is this for?
Anybody with children! We will take the first 12 kids, ages 0-12

How do I register?
Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.
Registration is only done on this page.

Who is taking care of my kids?
King of Glory will provide 3-4 childcare providers. All Providers have been interviewed, undergone a national background check, and received first aid/safety training.

What times can I use the childcare?
Monday Nights, from 5:30-8:30.

Do I have to pay a fee?
No Fee, it's FREE!

Once I arrive to drop off, what are the next steps?
You will be greeted by someone to:
check in your child, verify contact information, and be introduced to the providers that night.

Any other questions? Contact


"We don't get very many chances to go out without kids and it was reassuring to leave them with providers so kind and caring! Because of Monday Night Childcare, we were able to reconnect with friends we've been wanting to for a long time.
— Jessica J.

"It's easy, convenient, and we trust it is safe! Our son loves it because it is fun and entertaining. Encourages us and others to strengthen our marriage making date nights more affordable."
—Nathaniel P.

Without having family in the city moving here was very difficult with little children at first. I thought why do they want to take my children so bad but then I realized this is the ministry of this church to love Jesus love kids and to serve people. (I want that kind of example to my children) Being a better mom means getting breaks, being a better wife means taking dates with my husband and with a tight budget this looked like a great option. Matt and his team have been so kind and all the kids and the helpers have been so nice to us. I highly recommend that your kids go here and you rest in knowing you can go have a break and your kids will be served with love and kindness.
— Jodi B.

I just wanted to thank all those involved in the Monday night childcare. My husband and I do not have any family in town and rarely have dates. We've had the blessing of this childcare twice and just really appreciate it! My girls wanted to stay when we picked them up and said it was a great time. So thank you for not only watching them, but loving them while they were in your care.
— Ben and Josie F.