November 5

What a great group of kids!!  There voices rang out in song last night and you could sense their energy and excitement to be together!  We welcomed 1 new child and 2 guests and the children were eager to welcome them.  We finished our unit on "Working willing for the Lord", by studying scripture from Acts on Paul.  We learned that no matter what our situation, we are to do our best to work for God!  We begin our next unit called "Snow Day"  where we will take a look at Jesus early life.

I wanted to share some information about an upcoming event that is being hosted by Bethany Christian Services and Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church called "Vulnerable Children's Conference".  Please check out the link below if you are Interested in adopting, foster care, short-term child care, or encouraging those who do?  This conference will reflect upon God’s heart for the vulnerable children in our midst and how we might love and care for them in a truly holistic manner. If anyone does decide to attend, please let me know.





October 30

Here's a few reminders through the end of 2014:

  • November 2 - Serve Sunday.  Don't forget it's daylight savings time:)  If you and your children have not signed up in an area, please join me in going to Lifescape (CCH) to bring joy through song and then head back to Seminary for Pajama Card Making for children at Robin's Nest.  There is no Kid's Worship.
  • November 26 - No King's Kids on Thanksgiving Eve.
  • December King's Kids - We will have King's Kids on Dec. 3, 10, & 17.  We will then be on Christmas break until January 7, 2015.
  • December 14 - UnFrozen Christmas Celebration - This will take place at The Point is To Serve (Old Burnside Bingo on N. Kiwanis Ave.) beginning at 5pm.  The children will sing a song and we will have a Christmas Craft time along with food, UnFrozen Skit, and Christmas Story.  And optional attire for our children is:  Royal Prince  and Princess Costumes!  It is going to be a festive and special evening celebrating Jesus, the King of Kings.

Recap of last night:

  • The kids studied the parable of the talents, Matthew 25:14-30.  Just as an owner expects the money he gave to be cared for wisely, the children learned that God has given us many gifts and talents that He expects us to use and care for wisely, for the purpose of bringing Him Glory and Honor

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



October 22 update

Last night we sang songs that we will be singing at Lifescape (Children's Care Hospital) on Serve Sunday, November 2.  If your family has not signed up for a service project, please consider joining us at Lifescape for singing and then at Southridge Nursing Home for playing cards and games with the residents.  It is going to be a fun morning and a wonderful opportunity for you to serve with your children!

We continued last night learning about people from the OT who worked willingly for the Lord.  Joseph found favor with God in all his situations, from being thrown in a well by his brothers, sold into slavery and prison, to interpreting the king's dreams.  His faith and working hard in all situations was a testimony for us of God's provision and care for His children. 

Keep encouraging your children to memorize the weekly scripture verses.  Children have the capacity for great faith and soaking up scripture.  I was reminded of that as I listened to a 3 year old rattle off 4 verses from memory last night!  Pure Joy!

Also, I want to remind you and encourage you to be working with your children on the 10 Commandments.  We will begin using a song, probably in the new year, to help you in this process.  Please use the 10 Commandment sheet sent home at the parent orientation session and if you need another copy,  just let me know.

Please remember to thank the Children's Ministry volunteers who are leading and working with your children.  They will be attending a training session this Sunday called, "Building Relationships with Children".   We are blessed with wonderful leaders who love God and desire to show His love to your children.  Please keep them in your prayers.




October 15 weekly update

It was great to be back together last night at King's Kids!  There were many smiles, joyous singing, and children engaged in activities around our new Bible Verse, "Work willingly at whatever you do", Colossians 3:23.  The Children will spend the next few weeks learning that they honor God with the work they do, such as school, chores, singing, playing with their friends, obeying their parents, and serving others.

As our Large Group Leader, Eldrid, told the kids; How cool is it that we are studying this theme in light of our upcoming Serve Sunday, November 2nd!  I invited the kids to talk to their parents about a great opportunity for them to join me in going to "Lifescape (formerly Children's Care Hospital) and to Southridge Nursing Home" on Serve Sunday.  We will be singing songs for the children at the CCH and playing games with the residents at Southridge!  Please consider signing up and joining me for this great opportunity for our children.  There is room for about 12 to 15.  Also needed will be a few adults to help me with driving and participating along with the kids.  You can sign up the next 2 Sundays near the welcome table.

Also, a reminder that if you have a 4th and 5th grade child to talk to them about their desire to be part of our December 14th UnFrozen Christmas Event.  If they would be willing to have a speaking part, please contact me as soon as possible as those spots are being filled.

I hope we will see you this Sunday at the KOG Fall Festival at the Steve and Kit Tornberg Farm!!  It is going to be a wonderful evening filled with inflatables for the kids, riding horses, games, a craft and live music!

God desires for you and your family to put Him first in all things!  Jeremiah 29:13, "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.".

In Christ's Love,


10/1 Update

Both Kid's Worship and King's Kids begin new units.  This Sunday, children preschool-3rd grade will begin a 4-week theme of "Putting Others First", learning from King David in the Old Testament.  Then, on Wed., October 15, our King's Kids will start a 4-week series called "Vertical Edge".  The children will be in the NT Book of Colossians learning how to work willing for God.

Reminders:  1)  No King's Kids on Wed., October 8.  2)  Fall Festival coming October 19 from 4:30-7:30pm.

I have been hearing some great weekly challenge stories from the kids!  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with their children to help them live their lives from the Inside Out! 

Press On!




Last night at King's Kids, the children became milk & honey, Canaanites, and the 12 Israelite spies sent to see the promised land that God had said He was giving to them.  We learned that God is with us when we are afraid and we can trust Him because He is God and promises to be with us always.

It is time to fill up the prize box as a few punch cards are almost full!  It is such a joy to hear the children recite verses and one child noticed that all this sessions verses had the same meaning!  I want to encourage you to stay the course and help your children with their verses and their weekly challenge as this is how they learn to live out the verses and the lessons that they are learning!  There is no greater job you have as parents than to guide your child(ren) to live their lives from the inside out, following Jesus!  

Press On!


9/18 weekly update

We are 3 weeks into King's Kids and beginning to settle in to our routine.  Parents of children preschool to 1st grade, please continue to talk to your child about what happens as they arrive and what the routine is.  Here is a reminder for you:

  • Bring your child to check-in station, sign them in and have them find their punch card.
  • They bring punch card to 1st partition to right as they enter room to receive punches for attendance, bringing a bible, bringing a friend, saying memory verse and knowing meaning of memory verse, bringing back their challenge sheet, and 10 Commandment work.
  • They then put their punch card back and go to transition in 1 or 2 designated areas.
  • Large Group begins at 6:30pm.  If the child does not come from 6:15-6:30pm, they can do their punch cards after from 7:45 to 8:00pm.

I hope you have a chance to encourage your child with their live out challenge and family activity options during the week.  The new memory verse for this week is:  "Christ is your example, you must follow in his footsteps."  1 Peter 2:21

May God lead and guide you as you disciple your children this week!

Press On,


9/11 weekly update

Last night transition time began from 6:15-6:30pm with 2 parent volunteers.  This time allows for bridge before we begin large group opening at 6:30pm, and engages the children as soon as they arrive.  The first thing is to check your child in at the registration table.   Then have them take their punch card (at registration table) and take it to Punch card area to be punched for attendance, bible, challenge sheet returned, memory verse and meaning, etc.. Then the child should return their punch cards  and move into one of the 2 transition areas.

Our main bible verse we would like the children to learn was sent home on week 1.  It is Philippians 2:5, "Have the same attitude that Jesus Christ had."  A verse with similar meaning was sent home last night.  Week 2's verse is:  "Those who live in God, should live as Jesus did.", 1 John 2:6

Parents, if you have any questions, or if your child looses their verse or take home challenge sheet, you can call or e-mail me anytime so you don't miss out on this opportunity to train your children!

May the only one who gives true joy, our God Almighty, fill your hearts and minds this week!

Partners in ministry,



King's Kids Kick-off

Fall has arrived and last night we kicked-off our King's Kids Ministry!  I was expecting chaos with the temporary location, service project, parent orientation, etc.  Thanks to our wonderful volunteer team who came early to set up and prepare and to the parents and children, it was a huge success!!

This week's Bible verse is from Philippians 2:5, "You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had."  Help your child learn this verse and also talk about the meaning of the verse.  And make sure to look over the Living Inside Out Every Day Take Home sheet for your child's Live it challenge as well as some activities you can choose to do as a family as a tool to disciple your children and live out Deuteronomy 6:6-7!

Kid's Worship will begin weekly this Sunday, September 7th.  This is for children preschool-3rd grade.  It is an optional ministry for young families.  The children begin in the service for praise songs, dismissed and then brought back to service before closing song.

 Make sure to mark your calendars for Sunday evening, October 19th, for some old-fashioned farm fun and fellowship!  Also, couple items to put on the calendar:  Bible Sunday for 2nd & 6th grade children is Sunday, October 5.  First Communion is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2015.  There will also be 2 required classes for child and parent(s) scheduled for Wed., February 4 and Wed., February 25, 2015 (TBA).   This is open to 4th and 5th grade children at parent's discretion, or at possible earlier age upon parent's request.

My prayer for all of you this week is that God would strength you and create time and opportunities for you to train your child to know, love and follow Jesus!



April 2, 2014

It was another great night of digging into God's Word at King's Kids as our younger children heard and experienced Jesus death on the cross and what that means for them.  The older children learned of God's promise that if we remain steadfast in trials, we will receive the crown of life! 

The children practiced singing the Books of the Bible acapella.  WOW,  can't wait for them to share during the 10:15am Worship Service on Sunday, April 27.  If possible, please plan to arrive by 10am this morning so the children can warm up.  We will gather them upstairs at 10am.  Also, the preschool/kind. children will be receiving t-shirts like the older kids next Wed., April 9.  We will be taking a group picture at the end of the night.  We would also like all the children to wear their t-shirts on Sunday, April 27th when they sing.  Please help remind your child(ren) to wear them!

Here are some things you can do this week to prepare your child(ren) for the upcoming week:

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., April 9 - Jesus is Alive

  • Read the story of Jesus Resurrection - Luke 24:1-12 - This is a great opportunity for parents to discuss what the best part about Easter is and the difference between worldly Easter Celebration and how your family as Christians celebrate Easter.
  • Memory Verse - Psalm 119:105 - Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., April 9 - Joy Comes in the Morning

  • We have spent the last few lessons on trials and sufferings hear on earth and how as Christians the bible says we will suffer.  This week spend some time discussion with your child(ren) the result of staying strong in our faith in those times and that God promises to turn those times into Joy in the end.
  • Read Philippians 4:4-7 and Psalm 30.  Pray with your child(ren) this week and ask God to help you have joy always.
  • Choose one of these verses to memorize with your child - Psalm 30:4-5, Psalm 30:11, or 1 Peter 5:10.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, April 6 - Red Jelly Bean Easter Lesson

  • The children will read about Jesus’ arrest and betrayal. The disciples couldn’t understand why Jesus allowed himself to be arrested. They didn’t understand that dying was part of God’s plan to save us from our sins.  Discussion Questions:
  1. How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus was arrested?
  2. Why did Jesus have to die?
  3. How would you explain why Jesus died to someone who had never heard the story?

Press On,


Weekly update 3/26

What a great lesson last night!  I had the chance to sit in on the 1st-2nd grade small group.  When Dani asked the children what people in the Bible went through trials, I was blown away by all those they mentioned: from David who fought Goliath, Moses who tried to get out of being the Israelite leader, the men who were thrown in the fiery furnace, to Jesus who suffered all for us! 

If you have not checked out the VBS Volunteer opportunities, please prayerfully consider joining this great adventure w/God on the farm.  The response has been great, but we could use a few more leaders.  If you do not want to lead, please consider being a ranch hand (crew leader).  A ranch hand will spend VBS with a small group of children helping them get from place to place and building relationships!  Even though you are not teaching, the ranch hands have a most vital role in leaving a legacy of faith to the children they touch!

Here are some things you can do this week to prepare your child(ren) for the upcoming week:

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., April 2 - Jesus goes to the Cross

  • Read Luke 23:33, 44-56 with your child(ren) this week.  Discuss with them that Jesus death was both a sad and joyous event.  Sad that Jesus had to die, but joy that Jesus died to forgive their sins and because He did not stay dead, He is alive and we have the hope of eternal life.
  • Memory Verse:  "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalm 118:24

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., April 2 - If you remain steadfast under trial, you will be rewarded

  • Choose one of these verses from lesson #27 to memorize:  James 1:12, 1 Peter 4:16 or Hebrews 10:36
  • Ask your child(ren) what problems they are facing.  Talk about trials you face.  Talk to them about what it means to "fix our eyes on eternal things" and how that can help them when they face hard times.
  • Pray with your child(ren) that God would help them to remain steadfast when they face trouble this week.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 30 - White Jelly Bean Easter Lesson

  • Read John 13:1-5 this week and help your child(ren) to understand that Jesus wants us to love others the same way He loves us.
  • The white jelly bean is used to represent the perfect life Jesus led.  He never sinned.  Jesus also did a number of surprising things.  He spent time and loved the sick, the poor, and the sinners.  Jesus is looking for us to follow Him and His example to love others.  Even those who we would not typically spend time with.

Press On,



Parent's weekly update 3/19

100% attendance!  Wow!  Thank you, parents, for faithfully bringing your children on Wednesday evenings.  In all my years in Children's Ministry, this has been the most impressive consistent attendance I have seen!  Even though I missed last night, I heard great things from the King's Kids Team!!  Thank you to Kelley Andersen for helping sub in our Preschool-Kind. class, and a big thanks to our great weekly volunteer team who are so dedicated to serving the Lord and the children!  

 So far this year, 61% or kids have completed NT books of the bible and 47% OT books!  Way to Go!  Keep practicing the songs with your children!  It's a great and fun family activity.  Kevin Ludwig, our communications staff, has now put them on the kid's ministry page and you will find them on the bottom as a block to click on.  Enjoy this great resource!

VBS Plans are in full swing.  I hope many of you will join us in volunteering for this great adventure on the farm!  We need you!  Check out the volunteer page and sign up today.

Here are the parent resources for this week to incorporate at home with your child(ren). 

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., March 26 - Peter Denies Jesus

  • Read Mark 14:66-72 this week with your child(ren) - Discuss sin and talk about what sin is.  Who sinned in this passage?  Did Jesus forgive?  Does Jesus forgive us?
  • Memory Verse - "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."  Psalm 56:3

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., March 26 - God will be with you in the Hard Times

  • Choose one of these verses for memorization:  Isaiah 43:2a or Psalm 46:1-3
  • Discuss with your child some difficult things you have gone through and how those times helped you to have more faith and trust in God.
  • Pray with your child that their faith and trust in God would grow each time they go through a difficult time.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 23 - Story of the Mean Servant

  • Read together Matthew 18:21-35 and discuss the importance of forgiving others

Have a great week in God's Word!




Kid's Weekly Update - 3/13

Spring Fever was in the air last night at King's Kids!  Oh if I could bottle their energy and drink a gallon.  For having a week off, I was very excited to have 1 child recite the NT books of the bible and 3 accomplished memorization of the OT Books.  I am so blessed to see their smiles of joy as they succeed.  The children will be celebrating their accomplishments by singing the books of the bible during the Worship Service on Sunday, April 27!  So mark your calendars and we hope all our children will be able to attend.

Parent resources for the week:

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., March 19 - Jesus prays in the garden

  • Family Devotions:  Read Matthew 26: 36-46 - Why did Jesus pray in the garden?  How did God strengthen Jesus?
  • Memory verse:  "Love One Another", 1 John 3:23

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., March 19 - Tell the next generation

  • Choose one of these verses for memorization: Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 64:4, or Isaiah 30:18
  • What do each of these verses tell you about God's goodness to you?
  • Discuss with your children what good things God has done for you and what you are thankful for.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 16 - The Vine and the Branches

  • Read John 15:  1-8 and talk to your child(ren) about how important it is to stay connected to Jesus.

God Bless you this week as you disciple your children!


Kid's Weekly Update - 3/9

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., March 12 - The Last Supper

  • Family Devotions:  Read Matthew 26: 17-30.  Discuss Why Jesus was happy and why He was sad.  What do the bread & wine make us remember?  Why did Jesus die for us?
  • Memory Verse:  "Be kind to one another."  Ephesians 4:32

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., March 12 - God will Discipline You

  • Challenge Verse for children to memorize:  "I can to all things through Him who strengthens Me."  Phillippians 4:13
  • Additional Memory Verse:  "Come let us return to the LORD; for He has torn us, that He may heal us; He has struck us down, and He will bind us up."  Hosea 6:1
  • The children will learn these 3 points on God's discipline:  He disciplines those He loves.  He disciplines us for our good and we should be grateful. God's discipline is merciful.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 9 - The Story of the Two Builders

  • Main teaching point is:  Obey Jesus
  • Bible Reading:  Matthew 7:24-27