April 20th Update

Good morning!

We are down to our final three weeks after last night! What an amazing year it has been. It is so fun looking back and seeing how kids grow and connect with one another and with the adult leaders here on Wednesday nights. There are plenty of kids who came on the first day shy and unsure of the whole Wednesday night experience. However, as they have continued to come they have opened up and allowed us to get to know their personalities.

Preschool/Kindergarten: This week our little ones went through the first and greatest commandment – To love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength (Mark 12:30). Our kids just finished learning of the greatest love story ever told. That our God would send His one and only Son into this world for us! Jesus would pay for our sins. However, He also rose from the dead, leaving His tomb empty! Our God has conquered our sins for us! Now, we have the opportunity to respond to this great love of our Father. And first and foremost we are called to love God! Believing in Jesus leads us to love Jesus more than anyone or anything, having Him as our priceless treasure. Our kids saw an example of this call to love Jesus through a story of a rich young man in Matthew 19:16-30. Where our Treasure is our heart is also. Our prayer is that our kids begin to see the treasure they have in Jesus!

Our 1st – 5th grade students began a new series “Hanging in Tough: Perseverance”. We start off our series on perseverance with Jesus’ last words before He ascends back to heaven. In Matthew 28:20, we have the huge task Jesus gave His disciples to share His story throughout the world. In Acts 1-2, we discover how Jesus’ sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to help the disciples accomplish that task. The Bottom Line for this week is: When life gets hard, remember God is with you. Because of the Holy Spirit in our lives, God is always with us. No matter what happens, we can continue to persevere because God can give us the strength we need to continue.

As we come close to the end of our year, please continue to be praying for our kids on Wednesday nights. Continue to pray for God’s love and truth to be made known to each of them! And pray for the strength and perseverance it takes to continue to follow Jesus even when times get hard. Finally, pray for one another as you all in the middle of raising these children!

If there are any questions or if you would like any further information on the last three weeks, please feel free to contact me anytime!


Doyle Burnside