March 9th Update

Good morning!

I just want to once again praise God for the excitement our kids have about Wednesday nights. We continue to see new faces and hear about kids inviting their friends to join them. Along with that, while there is a lot of enthusiasm and some distracting energy, I have been so encouraged hearing from our small group leaders. Our kids are continuing to have fun while learning and remembering the Word of God.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! After many discussions and ideas we have set dates for our VBS camp this summer. VBS this year will be held August 7 (Sunday) to 11th (Thursday) during the evening hours. We will be doing this years Group VBS titled “Cave Quest”. Along with this, our VBS will look similar to the last year as we continue to seek to reach out past King of Glory. One of the main factors for moving our VBS to August is the hope to have a smooth transition from an outreach of VBS to our weekly Wednesday night King’s Kids next fall. Instead of waiting for 2 months before kids programming begins once again. Along with this, we are starting to plan later this year since we do have a few extra months! If you are interested in being a part of the planning/preparing team for our VBS please let me know!! I am really excited for the opportunities that may present themselves with this years outreach VBS!

This week in the preschool/Kindergarten room, our lessons shifted over to the lead up to Easter week. Throughout this curriculum, a common theme of people, including us, falling short of God’s call has been clear. Along with that, we also learn of an amazing love and example through Jesus Christ. This week we see that Jesus knows what is coming soon. He has told His disciples about the betrayal and what would happen to Him, and yet He continues to be patient and loving as He does not turn away from His mission. Wednesday night, our little ones looked at the story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane. Jesus turns to His Father in heaven and asks for God’s will to be done. At the same time that we see Jesus being strong and faithful, we also see the disciples fall asleep. We know that we are weak but we know that God is strong. As we get ready for this Easter season, our kids will continue to learn about the humble and loving heart that Jesus has for sinners.

In our 1st – 5th grade room we finished our theme of Cooperation. We have gone through working together to;  get God’s work done, help someone else succeed, and to change someone’s life. This week we looked at how working together can point people to Jesus. In our final week, we look at how the Early Church worked together in Acts 2:42-47 to help those who were in need. And when they cooperated, people noticed.  When other people saw all of these different kinds of people working together, they came to know Jesus. Our kids learned that even at a young age, they can too can work together to point others to Jesus. Along with this, our kids got to see an example of how they have already done this together. Awhile back, our kids worked together to fill backpacks for kids in Liberia. Those backpacks have arrived and Pastor Samuel was able to share some pictures with us to show the excitement and joy the kids in Liberia had when they received them. There is a power, strength and success when we work together! Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil”.

As our kids continue to come and learn about truths from Scripture, please be praying for the Word of God to form their thoughts now at a young age. Pray the excitement and energy to continue to come and grow in relationship with each other and with God continues. And pray for one another as you all go through this stage of life together.

If there are any questions about our King’s Kids ministry, or if you would like to know more about what Wednesday nights look like, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Doyle Burnside