September 23, 2015


To start off, I want to start by praising God for the continual growth of our King's Kids program. Last night we had 42 children and 14 middle school students here! What an awesome experience as we continue to grow in a multi-cultural program. Here are a few example of the excitement:
"I was overjoyed with seeing how excited the kids were to gather with their small groups!  One little girl said "yes!!!!" when it was time to break up into groups.  What a great opportunity for them to grow spiritually!  We have awesome small group leaders and the kids already seem to have connected well!
I also saw the excitement on one boy's face as he approached me to show how many punches he already had for memory work!  It's not just a completed assignment for which we can be proud of.  It's knowledge that will be forever stored in their memory banks and will go with them through their lives.  It maybe something that helps get that individual through a really rough time.  Or maybe it will be something that they share with someone else someday.  That has eternal rewards!  Yeah!"
"One of the younger girls in my small group was so excited to open up her bible and search for the passage we were going through. It was so fun teaching her what the "big" and "small" numbers in the bible represented."

Last night, your students went through the story of creation. The first point brought us to the understanding that God is the Sovereign Ruler of all of creation. It is through Him and because of Him that there is life here on earth. Then, we see the special relationship God intended for us as humans to experience with Him. We are set apart from all other creation because God made us in His image! What an amazing truth that shows us that we are valued! As a response, we are now called to love, trust, and obey God - the creator of all! As we continue to move through the redemption story of scripture, our students will see this value and love God has for us continue to be reveled through the stories and promises of scripture.

I ask that you would go to prayer for 3 things. First, pray for our volunteers who are here to be an example and light for the children on Wednesday nights. Ask God for the continued strength, leadership, energy, and love of God to be present in them as they give up their time and energy! Second, pray for your children who are learning so much. Pray that they would continue to grow in maturity and knowledge of our Creator, Lord, and Savior. Finally, pray for one another as parents as you go through this journey of parenthood together. Pray that God would strengthen you as parents and give you the tools to walk alongside your children in the journey of faith. 

If there are any questions or if you would like more information on what is going on during our King's Kids, feel free to contact me through email or phone!

Doyle Burnside

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